Florida Man Sentenced 20-Years After Stabbing Dead Ex-Roommate Over Stolen PlayStation

In Seminole County, Florida, a Florida man was found guilty in 2018 due to a revenge murder plot that led to a lifetime in jail.

According to the details, the convicted felon was supposed to stab a former roommate to death in exchange for a stolen Play Station unit, according to True Crime Daily.

Last Friday, December 16, according to the 18th Circuit State Attorney’s Office, Jake Bilotta was found guilty of committing murder in the first degree after killing Joshua Barnes. The prosecutors reveal that the cause is the theft of a console game system, not a lie about self-defense as said by Bilotta.

Another statement from the State Attorney’s Office, who added the conspirators Ian McClurg and Bilotta plotted to get their former roommate to go to an address on Boulevard in unincorporated Maitland, Florida.They accused the victim of stealing their console game during that week.

“Upon entering the residence, that’s when Billota attacked the accused and then stabbed the victim until he died,” said the State Attorney. The other man, McClurg, did not continue with the planned killing.

After the victim expired from the knife attack, they attempted to hide the murder that was committed.

Another roommate came from a Tinder date and saw the two trying to stuff the dead man into plastic bags to prevent discovery. Next, a call to 911 was made.

Based on the State Attorney’s Office, McClurg registered a plea bargain on January 7, 2020, concerning charges of acting as an accomplice after the fact and interfering with concrete evidence.

He allegedly agreed to testify against Bilotta in exchange for a ten-year prison sentence in the Department of Corrections, followed by ten years of closely monitored release. “McClurg was then sentenced to five years’ DOC (simultaneous) for tampering with forensic evidence,” mentioned the State Attorney’s Office.