Father Chokes, Stabs, Dismembers Baby; FBI Offers $10K to Whoever Can Find Him

On November 18, a baby was discovered in Francisquini’s home in Naugatuck, a town located about 17 miles northwest of New Haven, choked, stabbed, and dismembered.

Baby found choked, stabbed, and dismembered

As per News 12 Connecticut, the hunt for a convicted felon suspected of brutally killing his 11-month-old daughter and dismembering her body intensified on Monday. Christopher Francisquini, 31, was on parole and allegedly cut off his court-ordered ankle monitor before fleeing, according to Naugatuck police.

Police say that on Friday morning, Francisquini stabbed and strangled Camilla Francisquini inside their home at 150 Millville Avenue. In that area, they responded around 11:30 a.m. after one of the child’s family members, who police did not name, found the child dead. First responders discovered Camilla’s tiny body “in a state of dismemberment” when they arrived.

The Haunt Begins

In a news article by USA Today on MSN, The Naugatuck Police Department has issued a warrant for Christopher Francisquini, 31, on suspicion of murder with special circumstances and endangering a minor in connection with the death of his infant daughter, Camilla.

Since Camilla’s body was found, her death was determined to be a homicide, and police have been looking for her father. Security footage that day showed him walking through New Haven, where he was last seen, according to the police.

The killing’s motive has not yet been made public by the police.

However, they did assert that Francisquini and the infant’s mother had a fight in Waterbury after the murder. The argument did not cause the mother any harm.

Francisquini allegedly destroyed his cellphone after removing a GPS tracking device ordered by the court.

On November 20, police established a bond and obtained a warrant for Francisquini’s detention.

Police Chief C. Colin McAllister described the child’s killing as “horrific and gruesome” at a news conference.

Vigil for Baby Camilla

Baby Camilla would have been one year old today had not met her fateful short-lived life.

The Naugatuck Police Department held a vigil last night at 5 o’clock, rain or shine, on the Green. Everyone was invited to attend in Camilla’s honor and to show their support for her family. They asked everyone to dress in pink.