Donald Trump to Face New Minacious Counsel Jack Smith in Upcoming Investigations

Former US President Donald Trump is all set to face one of the country’s toughest counsels John L. Jacksmith. He has been appointed by US Attorney General Donald Trump to carry out investigations on Trump’s previous criminal charges.

New counsel quite dangerous than previous one

Donald Trump

Counsel John Jacksmith’s ex-colleagues are claiming he is way more tough and impartial than Trump’s former counsel Bob Mueller.

The new Counsel has been handed over with the charges of investigating Trump’s role in the United States Capitol Attack on 6th January 2021. He will further look into the former’s President’s role in mishandling national security materials.

As per reliable sources, Jacksmith has immaculate investigation and trial skills with 30 years of experience in dealing with cases related to corruption, police brutality, and other crimes. He has also successfully initiated the trials of numerous war criminals.

Why was Trump’s former counsel unable to prove his crimes and initiate a successful trial?

Donald Trump

It is evident that Donald Trump has always used his power to escape criminal charges. The same thing happened to his former counsel Bob Muller.

Sources claim that when Muller was trying to investigate Trump’s campaign ties with Russia, the former President tried every possible way to eliminate every potential proof and defeat the investigation team.

But during that time, he had Presidential powers and could use them for anything. As for now, he is just a normal citizen will minimal tools at his disposal.

It is a fact that the newly appointed counsel will not be affected by any guidelines that apply only to a sitting President. If found guilty, Trump will be charged like any other criminal.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump has decided to contest in the US Presidential elections in 2024. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how this investigation will affect his political career.

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