Disaster-Hit, Eligible South Carolinians May Get Stimulus Checks Worth $800

The state government of South Carolina has announced that residents can sign up to get a relief check from the government valued at up to $800.

The state’s Department of Revenue unveiled a $1 billion tax rebate plan in June, which would be a partial refund, as per the Narcity.

Taxpayers who filed their returns before the middle of October 2022 were guaranteed a cash refund of up to $800.

There is a second deadline for those impacted by Hurricane Ian, even though the first deadline has passed. Listed below is all the information you require to receive a stimulus check.

Amount of Rebate Checks and Eligibility 

The S.C.D.O.R. states that the maximum rebate check amount that can be sent to South Carolinians is $800.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year, locals can learn what they are entitled to immediately. They can compute the liability indicated on their form and deduct it from any possible credits.

If the total exceeds $800, they will be given the full amount. Any sum less than that will receive the computed price in full.

The refund is available to any southern coastal state resident with a “tax liability” amount on their 2021 tax return document. Anyone who wants to petition for an extension for disaster aid can submit their payments and supporting documentation online.

Even though all rebates in the first group have been given out, due to delays in bank and mail processing, some qualified taxpayers may still need to receive their rebates. The rebate will be paid in March 2023 to eligible taxpayers who submitted or will file their 2021 Individual Income Tax return between October 18, 2022, and February 15, 2023, as per a press statement