Depraved Child Predator Invaded Home, Raped 12-Year-Old Girl in Front of Family Members

In Washington’s Yakima County, a judge sentenced a depraved child predator to go to prison after he invaded a residence in 2018. He then raped 12 girls while their families stood helplessly by; the crime was reported on CrimeOnline.

Last Monday, the Yakima Herald covered the case of Daniel John Arnold, 34; he got up to 80 years in life. He perpetrated a home invasion at a house at South 32nd Avenue and West Nob Hill Boulevard in Yakima.

Based on the court papers seen by the press, he tied the elder sister, 16, and her grandmother tightly with packaging tape. The two started raping the 12-year-old while they looked helplessly.

Unexpectedly, the older sister had rushed the monster, taking it by surprise, and that went bad for the home invader.

Daniel John Arnold
Photo of Daniel John Arnold from Crime Online

Taking Down a Monster

Taking the knife, the older girl, who was enraged by the predator, stabbed him in the torso but got hurt herself. She managed to get her younger sister and grandmother to a neighbor before calling the cops.

Arnold received the judge’s sentence during the bench trial in November. The counts were as follows:

According to the press, the charges against him included deadly weapon enhancement and sexually motivated concerns, which led to his sentence. The judge, Jeffery Swan, added another 10.5 years to the usual sentence because the crime was grotesque and heinous too.

According to Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic, who spoke after the hearing, he described it as the worst case of sexual assault ever committed, adding that the prosecutor’s office had never seen such a heinous individual as Arnold for what he did.

He added that the rape of the 12-year-old girl is the most heinous and terrible crime that the county has ever witnessed in recent times. called the convicted man deserving of the time spent in jail as mandated by the court.

The depraved child predator Arnold is linked to another case of an attack in 2010 against another woman; in 2018, the DNA on the raped girl was his.