Crash Decapitates One of Two Toddlers, Caused by Drunken Aunt Driving Vehicle

Las Vegas Nevada; a woman driving under the influence (DHI) caused a vehicle to lose control, and the kid’s mom was in the front passenger seat. The crash killed the two toddlers in a tragic collision.

Crash Decapitates One of Two Toddlers

After the collision on the night of December 11, Las Vegas police have said Kaleah Sharelle Manning, 23, had such a “strong odor of alcohol emerging from her mouth” each time she “started it to speak,” reported Meaww.

Rose Wilmer, 2, and Taylor Wilmer, 3, succumbed to a collision on Scott Robinson Boulevard at about 9.15 p.m. Taylor was taken to the University Medical Center, where she passed away early on December 12, while Rose died immediately at the scene of the car accident.

The silver 2004 Honda Odyssey van the girls’ aunt Manning was operating veered off the road and struck the curb, a small tree, a light pole, and then a sizable palm tree.

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Raenysa Clydette-Glenn Washington, 25, was in the front passenger seat at the time of the incident. As shown by 8 News Now, the North Las Vegas Police Department had also revealed that an intoxicated “family member” was at the wheel of the out-of-control car that it struck with another vehicle, killing two young children and decapitating one more.

Both women had been chained to their beds at the hospital as they recovered from their injuries, which were critical at the beginning of the week. Officer Alexander Cuevas of the North Las Vegas Police Force revealed that both women are accused of various offenses concerning the small kids’ fatal injury.

Their mother was confronted with two counts of carelessness and endangerment which led to the two young girls’ lives lost in the Henderson residence where Manning and Washington as well stayed, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Eyewitness accounts reportedly describe seeing one of the women involved in the crash plop the body of one of the young girls to the ground before actually tripping over the corpse.