California’s Minimum Wage to Increase on January 1, 2023

The minimum wage in California is to witness a hike from the 1st of January 2023. It can be considered a new year gift to the employees from the state government.

The minimum wage is the lowest legal salary employers have to pay to their employees. It is determined by the government, and in case of providing a lower salary than the fixed minimum wage can be an illegal action. So, the employees’ minimum salary in the US will be higher in 2023.

What will be the minimum wage in California in 2o23?

The current minimum wage in California is $14 per hour for employers having less than 25 employees, and employers with more than 25 workers have to pay $15 per hour. However, these numbers are going to increase with the arrival of the new year 2023. The state government has announced that employers with less and more than 26 employees will have to provide a minimum wage of $15.50 to their workers.

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Nevertheless, many of the cities in the state are already providing an increased minimum wage to their employees.  Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Emeryville, Berkeley, and Santa Monica are the six such cities in the state that are giving more minimum wage than $15.50. But this amount exempts employees with disability and workers of non-profit organizations.

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Los Angeles city increased the minimum wage amount of employees from $15 to $16.04 per hour in July 2022. On the same date, the amount of Los Angeles County hiked to $15.96 in an hour.

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Does California follow state minimum wage regulations?

According to the government of California, the state follows both state and federal minimum wage. Along with that, certain cities also follow their minimum wage policies. Most importantly, the employer must obey a minimum wage law that benefits the employees. The employer cannot decrease the minimum wage by any agreement.