California’s Inflation Relief Check Hits the Bank, Here’s Why You Might Miss Your Payment

California Residents Having Issues with Inflation Relief Checks

California’s Inflation Relief Check Hits the Bank, Here’s Why You Might Miss Your Payment

The state has issued more than 8 million debit cards and is shipping cards to eligible Californians through January 14th. It wasn’t until early 2022 that Governor Newsom announced the first tax refunds.

According to a published post by CBS8, after much negotiation with the State Legislature, we have reached the following agreement: People receive either direct deposit or debit cards, depending on how they pay their taxes. Roxane Martinez and her husband received $700 in the form of debit cards.

Clowes The first thing the couple did on her landing was to pay her DMV, a registration fee for the renewed car. “We then left it for a few days before using it again, and it was rejected in two different places,” says Martinez. The rest of his $500 is gone. “They were supposed to be able to just use it with a needle, but they used mine without a needle,” she said. “They used it without me even owning it.”

California's Inflation Relief Check Hits the Bank, Here's Why You Might Miss Your Payment
People across the state are saying once they activate their card, they find the remaining balance is empty. (Photo: CBS8)

Inflation Relief Check for California Residents

Maryan Gonnerman received her $350 from the state on a debit card. She used it for her to buy a brief lunch for her work. “I logged in and had $5 left,” says Gonnerman. Her father, who lives in Point Roma, was the former CFO of a local bank. “I suspect someone hijacked the card issuer,” said John Gorman.

Marian compared California to a sad relative. “They’re like those sad parents who are always causing trouble and you’re like, ‘Why are you doing this to yourself? You know you can’t trust this person, but you still entrust them. contract.’ ” said Marianne.

Republican Rep. Jim Patterson represents Fresno. His voters have turned to his office with similar problems, he said. “Unfortunately when I tried to contact the Franchise Tax Commission when I tried to contact the seller, Money Network, I got no response,” Patterson said. “If I can’t reach her, it’s going to be difficult for our voters to contact her.”