Authorities offers $10K to locate father after choked, dismembered own baby in Connecticut

Authorities from the local, state, and federal levels are looking for a man in Connecticut who allegedly killed and dismembered his 11-month-old daughter this month.

The Naugatuck Police Department has issued a warrant for Christopher Francisquini, 31, on suspicion of murder with exceptional circumstances and endangering a minor in connection with the death of his baby daughter, Camilla.

The FBI is providing a cash reward of $10,000 for information that results in Francisquini’s capture and conviction.

Police report

The infant was discovered on November 18 at Francisquini’s home in Naugatuck, a town located about 17 miles northwest of New Haven, strangled, stabbed, and dismembered.

Since Camilla’s corpse was found, her death was determined to be a homicide, and authorities have been looking for her father. Security footage that day showed him heading through New Haven, where he was last seen, according to the police.

Police have not yet disclosed a motive for the killing.

However, they did claim that following the murder, Francisquini got into a fight with the baby’s mother in Waterbury. Mother was not hurt in the argument.

Francisquini allegedly destroyed his smartphone after removing a GPS tracking device that had been mandated by the court.

On November 20, police established a bond and issued a warrant for Francisquini’s detention.

Police Chief C. Colin McAllister described the child’s killing as “horrific and nasty” at a press conference on November 21.

Police stated that they are collaborating to find Francisquini with the FBI Violent Crime Task Force and the Connecticut State Police Violent Crime Task Force.

According to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, Camilla died from neck compressions and stab wounds.

Details of the suspect

Francisquini is allegedly armed and dangerous, according to the police.

On Friday, the infant was laid to rest.

He was described by police as about 230 pounds and six feet tall. Shortly after the murder, police suspect he was driving a gray 2006 Chevrolet Impala that was abandoned on Interstate 91 in New Haven close to exit eight.

The FBI is providing a cash reward of $10,000 for information that results in Francisquini’s capture and conviction.