Apple to Give Away Keyboard Settlement Worth $400 in Response to Defective Key Lawsuit Against Company

Apple is one of the finest tech companies in the global market nevertheless, it has also encountered technical failures in its products. Several cases have been reported against the firm for providing defective keyboards in MacBooks.

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In 2018, a lawsuit was registered against this issue of technical breakdown in the ‘butterfly’ keyboards. As a result, the company had to assure their customer satisfaction by providing compensation to the specific customers who bought and faced trouble with the particular keyboard.

Why Apple is providing compensation to its customers?

In 2015, Apple launched their ‘butterfly’ keyboard to accompany MacBooks. But the product became a nightmare for the company as many users complained about its dysfunctionalities. The complaints pointed out the stickiness of the keys and their errors while typing any letter repetitively.

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As per the reports, the legal action against the manufacturing company of the defective keyboard in 2018 mainly highlighted that they introduced it even after having knowledge about its errors. The company had to address this issue as soon as possible to control its customer satisfaction measures. Consequently, they have agreed to make a compensation settlement worth $50 million providing up to $400 to each customer.

Along with that, Apple closed down manufacturing ‘butterfly’ keyboards and launched the ‘magic keyboard’ in 2019 with the scissor-switch mechanism.

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Who will get the compensation amount from Apple?

Apple customers who purchased MacBooks between 2015 to 2019 and had to change their keyboards or particular keys due to their errors are eligible to receive compensation money from the company.

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Nevertheless, the number will depend on how many times a customer had to fix their keyboard. If the count of repairs is higher for a customer then they will fall into the category of Group 1 and receive an amount between $300 to $395. One can assert their compensation money by visiting the settlement website of MacBook or mailing the issue to MacBook Keyboard Litigation Settlement.