$800 Direct Payments Will Be Sent Out To Qualified Residents in South Carolina

An amount of $800 will be sent on Dec. 31 to the qualified and eligible residents in South Carolina if they have filed their 2021 tax returns.

Direct payments
$800 direct payments in South Carolina. (Photo: CNET)

$800 Direct Payments in South Carolina

Residents in South Carolina can receive as much as $800 in direct payments as rebates if they have filed their 2021 tax returns. The South Carolina Department of Revenue said that the amount of rebates that a resident will receive depends on their 2021 tax liability.

For those whose liability is less than $800, their rebate will be equal to their tax liability. However, those who filed of equal or more than $800 will receive an exact amount of $800, according to a recently published article in Washington Examiner.

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What is Tax Liability?

Tax liability is defined as what is left after removing a filer’s credits from the Individual Income Tax that they owe. The Department of Revenue has regulated the largest amount that customers may get from this reimbursement to $800.

People who have submitted their 2021 SC Individual Income Tax return (SC 1040) by Oct. 17 will get this rebate before the end of the year. Anyone who received their 2021 refund by direct deposit will get this rebate in the same bank account.

For people who file their returns after Oct. 17, they have until Feb. 15 of next year to file their returns to receive this rebate. They will then receive their rebate in March 2023.