$74 Added to December Benefit Payment To Start the New Year Right

BENEFITS Will Start The New Year Right With $74 Added To December Payment.

This year, the Annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is 8.7%, which will affect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients. the monthly payment for SSI recipients increases to $914. An SSI beneficiary will receive his second payment on December 30, reflecting the new benefit amount for the following year.

According to a published post by The US Sun, The first payout, averaging $841, was made on December 1st. For SSI recipients, monthly payments increase to $914. People who benefit from SSI should: Read the Supplemental Security Revenue live blog for the latest news and updates. GAO also suggested that SSA consider how to make Spanish applications available online.

Most importantly, it recommended that the government reflect on the problems it faced during the pandemic and develop new plans on how to deal with similar situations in the future. This agency-wide plan should also explain how staff will handle the expected surge in applicants.

$74 Added to December Benefit Payment To Start the New Year Right
Social Security Supplemental Income 2022 — Boosted $914 payment going out in two weeks – see exact date (Photo: The US Sun)

$74 Added to December Benefit Payment To Start the New Year Right

Despite the findings of the GAO report, they did offer some suggestions on how the SSA could make up for previous shortcomings. The first is for the SSA Commissioner to develop a clear plan for assessing how he can collect important data on race and ethnicity to better support these communities.

The second proposal calls for a plan on how to make the site more accessible for those hoping to sign up. Average monthly claims fell sharply from March 2020 to December 2021 due to these changes.

The report shows that the number of claims is 18% lower for SSI disability benefits and 8% lower for SSI old age benefits. However, the number of SSI applications has increased again in 2021. Some claims have continued to decline for certain groups, such as Hispanic speakers.