$600 Relief Payments, See Eligibility Here!

See If You Are Eligible to Receive $600 Relief Payments

The discount amount is different for each, but the eligibility and acquisition methods are the same. The rebate ranges from $75 to $600 and is based on the latest approved 2020 tax return information on file at the time the rebate was issued in Idaho.

To receive the payment, the taxpayer must file his 2020 and 2021 personal income tax returns by December 31, 2022. Gov. Little said he signed House Bill 436 on February 4, providing tax refunds for year-round residents of Idaho. Each taxpayer and family will receive $75.

According to a published post by The US Sun, another possible amount is 12% of the taxpayer’s 2020 income tax, whichever is greater.

$600 Relief Payments, See Eligibility Here!
IDAHO residents have just two days left to apply for multiple rebates up to $600. (Photo: The US Sun)

2022 Special Session Discount

During a special session in September, the governor signed House Bill 1, authorizing tax refunds for residents for the entire year. An individual applicant can receive $300 for him and a joint applicant $600.

Individual applicant status includes Single, Head of Household, Eligible Widow, and Married and is filed separately. Another possible amount is the taxpayer’s 10% of her 2020 income tax, whichever is greater.

Are you eligible? To receive your check, simply file your 2020 and 2021 personal income tax returns by December 31, 2022. The terms of both discounts are the same.

Any Idaho citizen who was a full-year resident in 2020 and 2021 and who filed an individual Idaho income tax return or Form 24 in those years is eligible. A year-round resident is someone who has a year-round residence in Idaho and spends more than 270 days in Idaho each year.

Permanent domicile is where you have your permanent residency and where you want to return when you are away. If you are in active military service in Idaho, you are considered a resident of your state.