41-Year-Old Flordia Man Allegedly Impregnates 13-Year-Old Teen via ‘Voodoo’

‘Voodoo’ Got a 13-Year-Old Girl Pregnant

The victim went to St. Mary’s Medical Center after experiencing stomach pains. While she was there, she reportedly took a pregnancy test and found that she was about six weeks pregnant.

It was reported that a 13-year-old girl told hospital staff that Jean Innocent had raped her four times. The victim said Innocent walked into her room in November, pulled her pants down, and said “give me 10 minutes” before attacking the girl.

Innocent is said to have stopped and said “whatever” after the girl said “no” and cried. While in the hospital, the victim is said to have told Innocent that she had been vomiting and that they would give her a pregnancy test.

41-Year-Old Flordia Man Allegedly Impregnates 13-Year-Old Teen via 'Voodoo'
A 41-year-old man stands accused of incest and impregnating a child after allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl on multiple occasions. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

Florida Man Impregnates Teen Using ‘Voodoo’

According to a published post by True Crime Daily, Innocent told the girl to refuse to take a pregnancy test and he “started making up a story to tell about his relationship with a guy named ‘Semen’.” He also allegedly told the girl he would go to jail if she said anything about him.

Innocent was questioned and allegedly told detectives that “voodoo” made him rape the girl and that he only remembers assaulting the victim twice instead of four times. According to WPLG, Innocent said the first time he raped the girl was in her bedroom and it lasted only “a few seconds”.

Innocent said the second time around, he told the girl he needed “10 minutes” and said, “That was the last time I asked.” Records show Innocent was arrested and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail on December 19. Innocent faces multiple charges, including child molestation, incest, and child pregnancy. He remains in custody without bail.