3 Nebraska Teens Accused of Murder, To Be Tried as Juveniles

After receiving a call from an unknown person instructing him to meet them in a nearby park to fight, a teenager was shot and killed, according to reports.

Three Nebraska teenagers accused of first-degree murder for involvement in separate killings will be prosecuted as minors under Nebraska law, according to a report from Inside Edition.

Teens to be Tried as Juveniles Despite Murder Crime

According to Nebraska law, regardless of the offense, anybody under the age of 13 will be prosecuted as a juvenile. The report stated that certain authorities and the relatives of the victims are contesting the statute that would let the three 13-year-olds be freed at the age of 19. This is because of the recent instances the three 13-year-olds represent.

Following 13-year-old Lenny Rodriguez’s death, two of the boys were detained by detectives on suspicion of first-degree murder, according to the police. Rodriguez was shot and died on September 28 after traveling to a nearby park after getting a call from an unknown person ordering him to meet them there to fight.

Rodriguez had been shot as police arrived in the parking area in response to a complaint of gunfire. Police said that after being taken to a nearby hospital, he was later declared dead. Authorities said that the first 13-year-old suspected of killing Rodriguez was apprehended on November 28 and the second was apprehended on November 29.

“We can’t truly bring him to justice. This is not fair. According to Rodriguez’s aunt, “charging them as a juvenile feels like a slap on the wrist for him.

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Separate Cases

Separately, police reported that a 13-year-old kid was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of Alon Reed, 19, which occurred on August 30. Even if they are found guilty of the killings, all three boys will be prosecuted as minors under Nebraska law and may be freed when they are 19 years old.

Don Kleine, the county attorney for Douglas County, wants additional legal options accessible when murder is the charge.

According to Kleine, “it appears that it might be used in reference to some organizations that would have younger individuals carry on their business, knowing they can’t be charged as adults.”

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