21-Year-Old Missing American University Student Found In Spain

21-Year-old Missing University Student Found In Spain

An American university student who went missing in France more than a few weeks ago was safe in Spain, his own family said Friday, apparently solving at least part of the thriller that sparked an international search.

In accordance with his family’s statement early Friday morning, Kenny DeLand Jr., a 21-year-old university student, called his family wondering about why he “made the news”.  We are very happy to report that Kenny is safe,” the statement said. “Kenny is in Spain, and Carol, his mother, is in France and preparing to take him home, hopefully for Christmas.”

According to a published post by CNN, the family has not said exactly what DeLand Jr. has said or explained to them about his whereabouts in the past two weeks.

Earlier Friday, his father, Ken DeLand Sr., was in the middle of a call with CNN when he suddenly hung up a while later he messaged the station to report he’d just spoken with his son. French prosecutor Eric Vaillant also restated that DeLand Jr. spoke to his family Friday from Spain.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes that he was actually calling,” Ken DeLand Sr. told CNN’s Pamela Brown on Friday night. “It was pretty emotional.”

21-Year-old Missing University Student Found In Spain
Missing college student Kenny DeLand Jr. is safe in Spain, his family says. (Photo: CNN)

Missing University Student Kenny DeLand Jr. Is Safe in Spain, his family says

As a senior at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, DeLand read with his family at Grenoble Alpine College. His mother and his father recently said they hadn’t heard from him since November 27th. His fellow students said he went missing on November 29, prompting Vaillant to launch an investigation, Grenoble prosecutors said.

The woman who hosted DeLand in France thought he may have left voluntarily, she told CNN before joining him. However, the young man’s mother and father did not believe the case would change. His father criticized Wednesday what he described as the government’s response, but it’s no longer an emergency.