$1,500 Bonus Christmas Check Will Be Given To Some Residents in Georgia Today, Are You Eligible?

Certain residents in Georgia will receive an amount of $1,500 Bonus Christmas Check direct payment, officials said.

Some residents in Georgia will receive $1,500 Christmas Bonus Check. (Photo: Getty)

$1,500 Bonus Christmas Check in Georgia

The government employees in Gwinnett County, Georgia will receive an amount of $1,500 Bonus Christmas Check direct payment. Officials said that this aims to retain more workers as the county continues to struggle in having enough numbers of first responders, utility workers, and other positions.

Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson said, “Gwinnett residents deserve sustainable, high-quality county government services and those are made possible by a strong, reliable workforce. We intend to keep Gwinnett a preferred community where everyone can thrive by being the public sector employer of choice,” according to a published article in MARCA.

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 Who Are Eligible?

The amount of Bonus Christmas Check will depend on the position. Part-time employees are set to receive $750 and Full-time employees will receive $1,500. These workers should expect to receive their bonus today, December 16.

Meanwhile, 21.500 Gwinnett County school district employees will also receive a bonus check of $1,000. This is after the school district gave out bonuses of $700 last year to full-time employees.

Superintendent Calvin Watts said, “For the third school year, our employees have done a remarkable job of addressing the needs of students during the pandemic.”