$12 Minimum Wage Per Hour in Virginia Will Start in January

January 1: $12 Minimum Wage Per Hour Increase in Virginia

The expected minimum wage by 2026 will hit $15. Last year, was up to $1.50. And it will rise another dollar from $11 up to $12. According to Tobacco & More Shop in the Museum District owner since 2007, Malik Charania, “They have to go unhurriedly.

It is like a big jump and too fast.” As a local small business owner, Malik Charania says that the pandemic is hard to bounce back from. “COVID is indeed so bad and stressful for everyone,” he stated. “Small store was almost not a thing.”

Currently, Malik Charania declares that increasing the minimum wage will weaken and weigh on employers who are still struggling. Any individual’s urge to get more cash is natural, but it strains for stores like ours,”

$12 Minimum Wage Per Hour in Virginia Will Start in January
The new year will bring another minimum wage increase in Virginia. Come January 1, it will be $12. (Photo: NBC12)

Virginia’s Minimum Wage Will Increase To $12 on Jan. 1

Meanwhile, longtime Richmond resident Jody Gordon applauds Virginia legislators for prioritizing employees. As stated by Gordon, anyone who struggles for a living should be able to live and sustain a family with the finances they earn. I’m in favor of increasing the minimum wage.

According to a published post by NBC12, wages should be at a level where individuals can afford to work and support their households and don’t have to rely on government assistance.” Gordon added, “Minimum wages are necessary to keep people in the workplace. Unfortunately, some individuals are too greedy and don’t pay a decent amount for their service, so I think minimum wage is critical.

They took everything and put it in their pocket.” He said. “Besides, people have to make a living, otherwise individuals can’t stay in business.” In the New Year, a total of 27 states plan to raise their minimum wages.