Young man hopes to adopt a baby he rescued 5-years ago from a trash can

Jimmy Amisial travelled to his native Haiti in 2017 to see his mother. He was 22 years old, on a little break from his studies in communication and electronic media at Texas State University. He made the decision to pay a visit to the nearby orphanage because he used to volunteer there as a youth. He passed a large group of people clustered over a trash can on the way there. He moved toward the front and peered inside the garbage can, where he saw a 4-month-old infant. He then picked up the infant and went to the police. They started an investigation to track out the baby’s parents, but they were never found. Amisial raised the young child during the ensuing years and was even given legal guardianship over him. Now, according to Good News Network, he wants to formally adopt him.



In an interview with the media site, he claimed, “I was entirely clueless that my life was about to change that day. “I overheard them discussing over what to do with this little infant while they were swarming around this [garbage] container. No one wanted to assist; everyone was just staring at him.” The infant was bathed, dressed, and fed milk the day Amisial discovered him before being taken to the hospital for a checkup. He made the decision to “leap of faith” after the police were unable to locate the baby’s parents.


He clarified, “My family has always had financial difficulties, and I was already behind on my tuition payments. The poor youngster, however, was facing a lifetime of instability and uncertainty because I didn’t have a father when I was growing up. I took a leap of faith because I had a feeling that things had occurred for a reason.” Since then, Amisial, now 27 years old, has been travelling back and forth between the US and Haiti, where Elicie is the boy’s caregiver. He gave him the name Emilio. He’s five years old and set to enter kindergarten. Amisial wants to legally adopt him as a result.


He said, “I am delighted I got the chance to turn his life from being left in the garbage to becoming a magnificent gem.” “I am eager to sign a legal document naming Emilio as my son because I genuinely feel like a father. I simply have to raise the funds first. He is adored by his mother, the children at the orphanage, and me as if he were my own child. He is a very unique young child.” Emilio is a bright spark who loves music, says his guardian. He wants to become a musician when he is older. You can donate to Amisial’s GoFundMe if you want to support his adoption of the young youngster.