Why Is Noel Fielding Absent From The Great British Bake Off Finale In 2022? What Matt Lucas Says

Because host Noel Fielding was nowhere to be found when the grand final of the Great British Bake Off began on November 15, viewers were left feeling “disappointed.”

Neol Is Absent

The 2022 Great British Bake Off final has begun, and Syabira, Sandro, and Abdul are vying for the title of champion. However, Noel Fielding was conspicuously absent at the beginning of the season finale, the show’s last and final episode.

Noel would not be participating in the first day of the final because he “was feeling under the weather,” according to his co-host Matt Lucas. But in response to the news, a supporter expressed their dismay by asking, “No Noel? Why even am I viewing this?

Several Bake Off viewers sent their well wishes to Matt Lucas, a former Little Britain comedian, and expressed their hope that his co-host will return later in the evening.

Noel enthusiastically posted on social media before the final to encourage people to watch, but he omitted to mention that he wouldn’t be present to officially kick off the competition.

Despite not being in the tent when the Bake Off 2022 final started, Noel can be heard on the audio narrating what the bakers were doing. On the second day of the tournament, Noel eventually showed up for the technical discussion with Matt, Paul, and Prue to discuss how unstable the challenge was for all three participants.

The last stage of the competition, in which the bakers had to assemble a challenging culinary sculpture, was then presented by Noel and Matt.

In the 2022 Great British Bake Off, Sandro Farmhouse, 30, Syabira Yusoff, 32, and Abdul Rehman Sharif, 29, are competitors.

Net worth of Noel Fielding

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English comedian, writer, actor, artist, and musician Noel Fielding has a $6 million fortune. In May 1973, Noel Fielding was born in Westminster, London, England. He co-wrote and acted in the television sitcom The Mighty Boosh from 2003 to 2007. He played Richmond from 2006 until 2013 in the TV show The IT Crowd.

He appeared in Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy from 2012 to 2014. Additionally, Fielding has acted in the movies Brakes, Aaaaaah!, Set the Thames on Fire, Bunny and the Bull, Come on Eileen, Horrid Henry: The Movie, Plunkett & Macleane, and Bunny and the Bull. From 2009 to 2013, Noel Fielding served as the squad captain in the BBC Two sitcom Never Mind the Buzzcocks.


1. Noel Fielding was identified as having hepatitis?

A. According to a 2013 Guardian article, Fielding had hepatitis after receiving a degree from Brunel University.

2. Is there a kid Matt Lucas has?

A. No

3. Who is Noel Fielding?

A. He is an British comedian and actor

4. What is his age?

A. 49 years old

5. What is the profession of Noel Fielding ?

A. Actor

6. What is his Nationality?

A. United Kingdom

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