Who Was Shanquella Robinson? Read More To Know About Her Death Mystery

The cause of a young woman’s death in Mexico is unknown due to contradicting reports from her family and the authorities.

Here’s all you need to know about the shocking video that showed Shanquella Robinson being attacked at a Cabo villa just 24 hours after arriving.

Shanquella Robinson: Who Was She?

On October 28, 2022, Shanquella Robinson, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, travelled to Mexico with some friends. She passed away the next day. To honour one of her friends’ birthdays, the 25-year-old was allegedly on holiday in Cabo.

A disturbing video that purportedly depicted the businesswoman being violently attacked has gone popular on social media. At least fight back, someone can be heard saying from behind the camera. Mom, 28, left her heartbreaking final notes in her notebook before her untimely passing.

She informed me they had a chef, Salamondra Robinson stated in an interview with Queen City News. They were preparing to eat.

They were consuming tacos, a salad, or something similar when I remarked, “OK. I cherish you. Good night, everyone. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

She and her kid stopped communicating. She had a heart of gold, yet she never returned home. Everyone adored her because she was kind to everyone, according to her mother.

What Happened To Shanquella Robinson ?

The cause of Shanquella’s death was determined to be alcohol poisoning, according to her parents Salamondra and Bernard.

But since her family claims, she died of a “broken neck and that her spine in the back was cracked,” the mystery only deepens. They mentioned she wasn’t feeling well, Salamondra recalled a frantic call from Robinson’s buddies. She was poisoned by booze.

They were unable to take her pulse while hearing various tales from the other persons who were around her. According to the results of the autopsy, alcohol had nothing to do with the incident, Salamondra stated.

Her neck was shattered, and the back of her spine was cracked, according to the investigators. She’d been assaulted. Although a formal declaration regarding Shanquella’s injuries has not been made public, rumours about who posted the horrifying video have started to circulate.

Officials from the US State Department in Mexico, however, refute any wrongdoing. Some videos appear to show Shanquella’s friends encouraging the attacker rather than defending her.

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