Who was Ryan Plowman? How did he Died at the Age of 17? Explore the Reason of Plowman’s Death!

Who was Ryan Plowman?

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Ryan Plowman was a 17-year-old teenager who was a prominent Soccer Player. He used to play at Alan B. Shepard High School in Palos Heights; a city in Cook County, United State of America. Dan and Jennifer are the parents of Ryan Plowman and Drew Plowman is his brother. He was their beloved son and loved by everyone in the family. Ryan was also a bright student and player at Alan B. All his teachers, friends and teammates loved him greatly. 

Ryan was trained by Zeno Toscas, who was the Soccer coach at Allan B. Ryan Plowman led his school team in a Soccer tournament recently. Ryan played an important role in winning the regional championship for his school along with his teammates. He was a star kid. “Ryan was perfect. He was a great student and extremely hardworking. If he started to do something, he would surely succeed at it,” said Dan Plowman; Ryan’s father. 


Ryan had dreamt of becoming a pharmacist to help people in need and wanted to get admission to Butler University after his graduation for the same. What a gentle boy Ryan was! He knew the value of life and health because he was suffering from the same. All his dream vanished at the time he left everyone and went to heaven.

Scroll down further to know the cause and effect of Ryan’s death. 

What could be the possible cause of Ryan’s death?

Ryan was a fighter. He died suddenly on 5 November 2022, Saturday. He was just 17 years old and died in Comer Children’s hospital. The cause of his death is determined to be the complications of mononucleosis (it is a disease that spread through saliva. It can be spread by kissing or using someone’s glass or food utensils). Ryan was scummed by mononucleosis and also had little or nil immunity left in his body due to a medication going on for another treatment. Ryan would have been cured of mononucleosis but his immunity was so low that he lost his breath. 

“Ryan also had Crohn’s Disease, and the doctors are suspecting that the medication for Crohn’s Disease suppressed his immune system and lowered his body’s ability to fight”, said Ryan’s mother Jennifer. 

Ryan’s family has planned a prayer for him at the high school on 9 November 2022, Wednesday at around 7 pm. 

Condolence to the talented Soccer Champ:


Ryan Plowman’s sudden death was a shock for everyone. It shook everyone including his family, friends, and head coach Zeno Toscas. John Toscas; head soccer coach at Alan B. High School said in sorrow, “Ryan was one of those rare kids that coaches always dream of having on their team. He was just one of those souls that you were happy you got to interact with. Ryan always used to work hard both on and off the field and he was just one of those kids who I said if I had a team of Ryan Plowman’s, it would be the most pleasurable experience a coach could ever ask for.” 

Such a pure soul and a talented champ. His loss is a shock. Everyone hoped for his recovery but no one is above God. His life was short but indeed a remarkable one. Ryan will be remembered at Alan B. High School. His life was short but the impact is lifelong. He wanted to achieve so much in life and to live or good. This thought of a teenager must be adopted by each one of us ‘Do good for others’.

Condolence to Ryan’s family and friends, May God give them strength to live through this loss. May Ryan’s Soul Rest in Peace. 

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