Who was Johan Hamel? When Did He Die?

Johan Hamel, a French referee, passed away at the age of 42 following a stroke during practice. The death of Ligue 1 referee Johan Hamel, 42, was reported this morning by France’s Syndicate of Elite Football Referees. According to L’Équipe, he had a stroke while exercising

Johan Hamel’s Career

In his most recent outing, he presided over Lille’s match against Rennes and served as the VAR for Paris Saint-match Germain’s against Since his comeback to the top division in 2016–17, Hamel has presided over 135 Ligue 1 games. He has also frequently participated in European games. He presided in the Europa & Europa Conference League as well as Real Madrid’s Champions League victory over Celtic at home this year. Social media has been awash with tributes to Hamel, with ille & Monaco being many of those who have sent their condolences. John Hamel was born on October 11, 1980. He has officiated 85 times in Ligue 2, including a Matchday 7 match between Metz and Annecy.

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Johan Hamel

All About Ligue 1

On September 11, 1932, Ligue 1 was introduced under the name National; after a year, the name was changed to Division 1. Up till 2002, when it switched to its current name, it carried on doing business under that moniker. With 10 league titles each, Paris Saint-Germain including As Saint-Étienne is by far the most successful team, while Olympique Lyonnais has won the most titles in a row. The 1st club with 10 championships was AS Saint-Étienne. Paris Saint-Germain, who triumphed in the 2021–22 season, are the reigning champions. The league is a cross-border competition due to the presence of AS Monaco, a foreign-based club that has won it numerous times. Before the 2023–24 season, there will be 18 clubs left in Ligue 1.

From Ligue 1’s founding in the 1932–33 year through the beginning of the 2021–22 season, 74 clubs have participated. [8] Marseille, Montpellier, Nice, and Rennes are the only league’s original members still competing in Ligue 1. Only Paris Saint-Germain has avoided being relegated by points. For the 1974–75 season, they were promoted to the top level, and they have remained there ever since. Following its divorce from Paris FC in 1972, Paris Saint-Germain was officially demoted by the league but was eventually reinstated two seasons later.

In Ligue 1, there are 20 clubs. Each club plays the other twice during the period of the season, which typically runs from August to May, once at their home ground as well as once at that of their opposition, for a total of 38 games. However, under certain conditions, a club may be permitted to host games at other locations, as was the case in 2007 and 2008 when Lille organized Lyon at the Stade de France. Teams score three points when they triumph, and one point when they tie. For a defeat, there are no points given. The order of the teams is determined by their total points, goal differential, and goals scored. The team with the most scores at the end of the competition is proclaimed champion.


1. When is Johan Hamel’s birthday?

Ans. October 11, 1980

2. When did Johan Hamel die?

Ans. 15, November 2022

3. What is the occupation of Johan Hamel?

Ans. French Referee

4. What is the age of Johan Hamel?

Ans. 42 years

5. What is the cause of Johan Hamel’s death?

Ans. Heartattack

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