Flo Smith of Miami; a Self Made Entrepreneur dies at an early age. Who was Flo Smith? What Happened to him?

Who was Flo Smith of Miami?

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Flo Smith was a self-made entrepreneur who had achieved a lot in his short-lived life. Flo Smith was a New Yorker, who grew up on Staten Island. Working for the Miami Obituary, he called Miami his home. Flo Smith was known as “The Grinch”. He was a respectful, gentle and kind person when it comes to his profession. He was a very successful businessman and led his team to achieve profits. Everyone loved his company and aura. His business achieved a lot of accomplishments because of his efforts. Flo worked day and night for his business and during his free time, he loves to read books, spend time with family and do gardening.  

What Could be the possible cause of Flo Smith’s death:

The unexpected death of Flo Smith occurred on 6 November 2022. Every social media post reveals that Flo’s Death was unexpected and hence the cause is yet to be revealed. The news that was shared on social media by many family members and friends left them in a completely devastating state. The moment they found Flo dead, they are in utter shock at his early demise.  

Flo Smith’s Death was a shock for everyone:

The news of the death of Flo Smith flooded social media. His death news was shared on various social media accounts by Flo’s close friends and family. He was very young to die so suddenly. His death shook everyone as they never expected Flo would be left for heaven so early. It has been coming under notice that Joe Smith’s health was already deteriorating but his death came as a surprise for everyone. The people who loved his kind nature, and his business knowledge will always remember him as a perfect businessman. Flo always thought of everyone’s well-being before his own. 

One of his close ones took to social media and wrote, ‘Rest up king 😭💔😇🙏🏾 Flo Smith it’s unbelievable, definitely you was a real one….good brother.’ 

A day after Flo’s death, Brandon Marshall wrote on social media to tell everyone about Flo Smith’s death, ‘Wow cannot believe one of my favorite people to talk business is gone! The respect I had for this man is unreal. We always talked about business. He was a true leader and entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Rest in Paradise Flo Smith. Gone way too soon,’ he wrote. 

Condolence to Flo’s friends and family. May his Soul Rest in Peace!  

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Flo Smith:

1. Who is Flo Smith?

Flo Smith was a self-made entrepreneur and a true businessman. 

2. When did Flo Smith Died?

Flo Smith died on 6th November 2022.

3. How Flo Smith died?

His death was a complete shock for his family, thus there is no update on the cause of his death.

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