Who Was Alexander Pisarev? | How Did Alexander Pisarev Die?

At the age of 33, Russian MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev passed away. Pisarev, a famous MMA fighter from Russia, reportedly passed away after “eating poisoned watermelon,” according to sources. The event reportedly came to the limelight after Alexander Pisarev’s dad discovered his son and daughter-in-law asleep in their Moscow residence.

Alexander Pisarev Cause Of Death

Alexander Pisarev, 33, a professional mixed martial artist, reportedly passed away from food sickness after eating a tainted watermelon. With five professional fights under his belt, the Russian MMA star boasts a 3-2 career record. An unnamed member of Pisarev’s Tomahawk team spoke with local Russian media on the Russian’s passing and said, “Alexander Pisarev passed away peacefully and was free of any long-term illnesses. Data so far indicate that food poisoning was the cause of death.”

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Alexander Pisarev

Alexander Pisarev’s Career

With a 3-2 professional record, he practiced for the Tomahawk team in Moscow and eventually reached the grand finale of the European MMA Championships. On Sunday, October 30, the fighter’s father, Igor Vladimirovich, called while walking the family dog and discovered him unconscious in his apartment. As per a teammate of his Tomahawk MMA team, his cause of death was determined to be food poisoning even though he had the same food. It is thought that the fact that he consumed watermelon just before his death is what caused it. Similar issues caused his wife to be hospitalized as well, but they didn’t prove to be life-threatening for her.

After Pisarev’s death, the Moscow Region Investigative Committee issued the following statement: “In Balashikha, an inquiry into the death of an athlete as an outcome of poisoning was organized. His family maintains he was in an excellent state and had no serious diseases, but a postmortem will be performed to ascertain the exact cause of death. At the time of his passing, Alexander Pisarev’s estimated net worth was $1 million.

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1. What is the age of Alexander Pisarev?

Ans. 33 years

2. When did Alexander Pisarev die?

Ans. 30 October 2022

3. What is Alexander Pisarev’s net worth?

Ans. $1 million

4. Is Alexander Pisarev married?

Ans. Yes

5. How did Alexander Pisarev die?

Ans. Food poisoning

6. Alexander Pisarev belonged to which team?

Ans. Tomahawk MMA team

7. What is the father’s name of Alexander Pisarev?

Ans. Igor Vladimirovich

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