Who Is xQc? What Is His Relationship Status?

Adept and Felix “xQc” Lengyel has had a highly public and dramatic on-again, off-again romance. Fans of the brash, opinionated streamer are uncertain whether the pair are together or not as a result of this.

Before, xQc got into trouble for abruptly leaving Shitcamp. The streaming community thought it was impolite at the time, but they were unaware that xQc was covertly resolving relationship problems that eventually resulted in a separation. He had to decide between his family & Adept, according to xQc. Adept criticized him for acting like the victim when he claimed that he was “forced” to end his relationship with her. Adept called it “cringe” that xQc decided to tell everybody what transpired in public during their argument on stream, and the two exchanged barbs.

Adept recently made an appearance on xQc’s stream despite their contentious breakup. The two being back together confused many of his admirers. Adept might be seen following xQc while watching Overwatch 2. The conversation responded right away, asking the reason she was at the residence. When she began kissing xQc’s cheek, everything became even more perplexing. In response to the inquiries, xQc said that they are “not together” and made fun of his conversation for being “strange.” After the previous blowout, he steadfastly maintained that Adept was not his girlfriend.

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But when xQc revealed that Adept had only come by because her buddy needed to use the restroom, his supporters grew even more dubious. Many fans wondered why Adept could be at his house in the first place because this seemed so eerie and weird. There is no other information regarding the frightening stream on Adept’s Twitter account. Since the argument, she has generally kept her mouth shut on xQc.

All About Adept

Sam, Adeptthebest, once dated Felix Lengyel, also known by his stage name xQc. She’s a well-known American model, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber. She was conceived on March 3, 1994, in Austin, Texas, in the United States. She was in her hometown with her sister. However, she has not shared a lot of information about her upbringing and family. As a result, it is hard to provide any information regarding her parents or the institutions she attended.

Sam enjoyed playing Counter-Strike & Call of Duty when he was younger. But the idea that she may turn it into a career never occurred to her. On February 26, 2016, streamer Adept launched her YouTube channel. For her audience, she began combining video games and posting them. She started a Twitch channel in 2017.

All About “xQc”

Former Overwatch player Felix Lengyel, sometimes called as xQc, is now one of the top streamers. Before lately emerging sensation Kai Cenat passed him as the most subscribed Twitch streamer, the Canadian streamer had held the title. However, the sub counts are not important to xQc, but his followers are, and he showed this in a recent stream. There are now more adverts on the network as a result of recent modifications to Twitch’s revenue guidelines. Additionally, viewers expressed their displeasure at seeing all these on their paid networks. Subscribers used to receive no advertisements on the streams they watched in the past.

Lengyel started playing esports in 2016, and he also streamed frequently. Most notably, he competed for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup between 2017 and 2019 as well as the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League’s debut season before being fired midway through due to persistent controversy and sanctions. After retiring from the Overwatch competition, Lengyel concentrated on a full-time Twitch streaming career while working as a content producer for companies like Sentinels & Luminosity Gaming. Although he has repeatedly been briefly suspended from the website, he remained the most popular streamer in both 2020 & 2021.

xQc has almost 7.9 million Twitch followers and 1.46 million YouTube subscribers. The expected value of xQc in 2022 is $9 million. In terms of income, xQc generates about $3–4 million annually through his Twitch as well as YouTuber money. Over 630 million people have seen the videos he frequently uploads to YouTube. xQc streams on Twitch every day for about nine hours, with several of his broadcasts lasting longer. His average viewership on his streams is above 70,000, and some of his most recent ones have reached over 100,000.


1. What is the real name of xQc?

Ans. Félix Lengyel

2. What is xQc’s net worth?

Ans. $9 million

3. What is the age of xQc?

Ans. 26 years

4. When is xQc’s birthday?

Ans. 12 November 1995

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