Who Is Kelsey Turner? Find Out About Murder She Is Accused

This week, a previous Playboy model Kelsey Turner who was charged with the second-degree murder of a 71-year-old psychotherapist who was allegedly helping her pay the bills before being beaten to death in Las Vegas entered a guilty plea.

All About Kelsey Turner

Kelsey Turner, 29, is most known for her modeling appearances in Maxim & Playboy Italia. Her Facebook page states that she was also highlighted in Modelmania and Conceited Magazine. She earned money by selling images of herself in furthermore to her modeling work for numerous publications. According to Law & Crime, she is the mother of two kids.

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Kelsey Turner

According to records from the Clark County District Court, Kelsey Turner, 29, was detained and charged with murder and conspiracy to murder Thomas Burchard of Salinas, California, in April 2019. According to court records, Turner pleaded guilty to Alford on Wednesday. Turner maintained her innocence but pled guilty to a charge of second-degree murder as part of an agreement negotiated between the lawyers involved in the case.

Burchard’s Death

According to Las Vegas police, Burchard traveled to Las Vegas from California, where Turner was living at the time, to break up with her after two-year relations in which he reportedly gave her a reimbursement that also included offering to pay her rent. Burchard was later discovered deceased in the trunk of a broken-down Mercedes-Benz. After Burchard’s longterm girlfriend reported him missing, authorities discovered the car on a desert road close to Lake Mead and determined that he had died from blunt force injuries to the head. Judy Earp, Burchard’s girlfriend, reportedly thought Turner might be involved, according to a warrant.

Earp revealed to The Californian that during the previous two years, her lover had provided the younger woman at least $300,000.Earp claimed that despite not having personally met the model, Burchard and Turner had been friends for two years. Dr. Burchard had also entirely paid their $3200 rent for March 2018. Turner & Dr. Burchard allegedly fell out when the latter stopped giving the model’s rental in 2018. According to the publication, Turner, her mom, and the woman’s two kids had to leave their house as a result.

After Burchard arrived in Las Vegas from his residence in California, Kelsey Turner & Kennison are alleged to have planned his murder. According to The Post, the doctor traveled to talk with Turner about just the fact that he might no anymore be sending her money. When his mobile phone was last in use, on March 3, 2019, police suspected he might be murdered. According to Las Vegas police, on March 7, 2019, a man driving on Silver State Route 147 reported a car parked near the gates of Lake Mead National Recreation Area to police. The car’s shattered mirror made onlookers on the street suspicious.

Officers arrived at the site and found Burchard’s corpse in the car’s trunk. After Turner & her roommates were detained in involvement with the killing, Jon Kennison and Diana Pena entered first guilty pleas to murder with conspiracy and accessory to murder, respectively. Turner will be sentenced on January 10, 2023.


1. Who Is Kelsey Turner?

Ans. Former Playboy Model

2. Who killed Thomas Burchard?

Ans. Kelsey Turner

3. When will Kelsey Turner be sentenced?

Ans. January 10, 2023

4. How many kids Kelsey Turner has?

Ans. 2

5. Who are the partners of Kelsey Turner in the murder of Thomas Burchard?

Ans. Jon Kennison and Diana Pena

6. What is the age of Kelsey Turner?

Ans. 29 years

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