Who Is Jimmy Akingbola? What Is Handle With Care All About?

In stirring sequences that tackle prejudice, parental abandonment, and the heartbreaking impact of a loving foster mother, actor Jimmy Akingbola recalls his own experience growing up with white parents.

All About Handle With Care

Jimmy Akingbola has always envisioned himself in Hollywood. Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, and Eddie Murphy were his role models while he was a black boy living up in a white foster household. Aching to compile his own “encyclopedia of role models,” he would hurry to the tv when a black person showed up on the screen. Years later, we catch up with the British-Nigerian actor in Los Angeles, where he resides, and is getting ready to begin filming The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot Bel-Air. Realizing his dream has caused him to reflect on how he reached here, and the profoundly poignant consequence is Handle With Care (ITV).

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Jimmy Akingbola

This deeply intimate film explores how it was for Akingbola to get older in an east London white family. In a society where black foster parents are relatively uncommon but over 40% of the kids waiting to be adopted are black, the issue of interracial adoption is complicated and contentious. Akingbola does interview some well-known black people who were fostered, such as actor Lennie James & athlete Kriss Akabusi, but his film isn’t truly about this argument or the 90 young folks who join the system of care in England & Wales every day. Handle With Care mostly focuses on Akingbola’s personal experience. The lasting effects of desertion and a loving foster home on a youngster are what stand out the most.

The narrative opens with “little Jimmy,” a kid actor who appears in a few pointless dramatized reenactments. The dream his parents had for him as the youngest of their Nigerian immigrants who arrived in England in 1967 coincidentally, my dad’s year swiftly turned into a nightmare. Jimmy Akingbola’s father disowned him because he thought he wasn’t his son since Akingbola’s biological mother acquired schizophrenia and he was certain she was having a relationship. Akingbola doesn’t specifically mention racism, despite the archive film of National Front marches & police brutality, but it is obvious that racism had a significant role in the dissolution of the family. His mother abandoned her two-year-old child in September 1979 after a dispute in the public services division.

His Net Worth

The television personality is a young bachelor who is currently 43 years old. Jimmy Akingbola, a British actor, was born in or around 1978. He was born in his parents’ London, England, house. He is a member of the Yoruba Tribe, who fled Nigeria. His parents have revealed that James Olatokunbo Akingbola is his real name. We want to let you know that the renowned British actor Jimmy Akingbola has a respectable net worth of $41 million. At the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Akingbola made his acting debut in The Nativity for Bill Alexander.

The young actor developed his skills on stage while becoming accustomed to acting in the presence of a huge crowd. Akingbola began expanding out into television in the middle of the 2000s, landing recurrent parts on British TV series. But after ten years on British TV, Akingbola yearned to become well-known in the States. He, therefore, left the country in the early months of 2015 for Hollywood’s season premiere with that perspective. Jimmy Akingbola’s recurring part in the superhero series “Arrow” gave him his big break in the US in 2015. In season 4 of the program, he made his American television debut as Baron Reiter.


1. What is the age of Jimmy Akingbola?

Ans. 44 years

2. What is the net worth of Jimmy Akingbola?

Ans. $41 million

3. When is Jimmy Akingbola’s birthday?

Ans.7 April 1978

4. What is the height of Jimmy Akingbola?

Ans. 1.77 m

5. What is the name of the character Jimmy Akingbola played in Arrow?

Ans. Baron Reiter

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