Who Is Baker Mayfield? What Is His Net Worth?

Thursday night’s 25-15 victory over the Atlanta Falcons by the Carolina Panthers was not impacted by Baker Mayfield in any way. However, the quarterback’s celebration-related activities went viral right away.

Mayfield onto the field then started headbutting each of his teammates one by one. It was especially weirder because he was only sporting a cap while his Panthers colleagues were all donning helmets. Some players seemed to appreciate the quarterback’s strategies, while others appeared surprised. According to broadcaster Al Michaels, it was a good way to enter the NFL’s concussion procedure without actually participating. Many said this was unjustified given the rise in worries about CTE and brain trauma in the NFL.

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Baker Mayfield

One of the few regional battles where anything can change in the final few weeks is the NFC South. It’s not because the division’s four teams are all performing above expectations. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Atlanta Falcons remained tied for first place in the division going into Week 10 with just four victories each. The Carolina Panthers, who are now coached by qb P.J. Walker, have made some strides in recent weeks. especially now that Matt Rhule, the previous head coach, has been fired.

Carolina is now 3-7 after Thursday night’s victory over the Falcons. At 4-5, the Buccaneers are currently ahead of Atlanta in the division and hold the tie-breaker. With three victories each, the Panthers and New Orleans Saints are currently only one game apart. Carolina remains heavily involved in the NFC South battle despite the Buccaneers & Saints both winning on Sunday. Only a few weeks prior, Carolina’s story was very different since the club with one win saw a leadership turnover. Many people thought they were tanking after wide receiver Robbie Anderson as well as running back Christian McCaffrey were traded. Carolina has now turned the corner thanks to the enthusiasm P.J. Walker has managed to bring to the team.


Mayfield was taken into custody in Washington County, Arkansas on February 25, 2017, on suspicion of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and running and resisting arrest. An aggravated assault report was flagged down to a police officer that Saturday. When the cop was flagged down, Mayfield was being yelled at. Mayfield was noted in the initial police report as being unable to walk, speaking slurredly, and having food in front of his clothes. Mayfield started shouting profanities and “making a disturbance” when he was requested to wait so the cops could interview him. Mayfield was arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Baker Mayfield has a $12 million net worth. With numerous brands, the quarterback is involved. Mayfield makes money through endorsing brands like Progressive, BodyArmor, and Hulu. Not to mention his sponsorships with Panini America, Nike, and Leaf Trading Cards. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for the CBD business Beam.

His Early Life

Texas welcomed Baker Reagan Mayfield into the world on April 14, 1995. Mayfield, the second of two sons born to James and Gina Mayfield, is their son. He was an Oklahoma supporter since he was a little child, and he frequently attended their games. James never received a football letter, although his father lettered for the University of Houston for three years.

The two were frequently seen together in Los Angeles before he wed his present wife, Emily Wilkinson. In June 2018, Baker finally put an end to the speculation and media attention by admitting that he had proposed to Emily. On July 6th, the wedding took place in Malibu, California. His teachers, friends, family, and several celebrities all attended the lavish wedding. His younger brother, a businessman, manages the majority of Saker’s business interests in the meantime.


1. What is the net worth of Baker Mayfield?

Ans. $12 million

2. When is Baker Mayfield’s birthday?

Ans.April 14, 1995

3. Who is the wife of Baker Mayfield?

Ans. Emily Wilkinson

4. What is the age of Baker Mayfield?

Ans. 27 years

5. What is the height of Baker Mayfield?

Ans. 1.85 m

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