What Caused Russ Arnott’s Death? Learn More About The Life Of The Former Mayor

On Friday, November 11, 2022, Russ Arnott, a former mayor of Comox, British Columbia, Canada, passed away unexpectedly after losing his protracted fight with the vile illness cancer. The unfortunate passing of Arnott has created a significant gap in Comox Town politics.

Russ Arnott: Who Was He?

The past mayor of Comox, a Canadian community on Vancouver Island’s eastern shore, was politician Russ Arnott. He raised his family and worked as a councillor in Comox for more than 26 years. Arnott served as a member of the town council for the first time in 2008; he was recently re-elected to the position.

Arnott was chosen as mayor in the year 2018 after winning the election held to choose the candidate to hold the position in the following year. These factors allowed him to take on the duties associated with the prominent position.

Arnott’s Online Profiles

The @Mayorrussarnott Facebook page belonged to former Town of Comox mayor Russ Arnott. Unlike some of the other politicians, he did not post frequently on Facebook. On Facebook, the late politician’s page had more than 900 fans.

Russ Arnott’s Cause Of Death

Sadly, Russ Arnott lost his battle with cancer and regrettably passed away after a protracted and difficult fight. The late politician had been battling cancer for a while, and on Friday, November 11, 2022, he passed away as a result of the disease.

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The allegations also imply that neither his family nor acquaintances have publicly acknowledged the former mayor of Comox’s passing. Therefore, the reason for Russ Arnott’s passing is unknown. But it’s anticipated that his family will shortly provide further details regarding his tragic passing.

Russ Arnott Has Received Numerous Tributes

All of Russ Arnott’s family and friends are in excruciating pain as a result of his passing. As soon as this information surfaced online, users began expressing their sympathies to the former mayor of Comox. In a statement, Courtenay-Comox MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard offered her condolences for Arnott’s passing. Russ was always willing to help the community he so obviously loved, according to her, throughout the years. He was never afraid to stand up for the issues that were important to his community, and Comox has benefited from his leadership.


1. Who is Russ Arnott?

A. He was Former mayor of Comox

2. What is his occupation?

A. Politician

3. What is his age?

A. 50

4. When did he died?

A. On 11 November 2022

5. What is his Cause of Death?

A. Cancer

6. Where he lives?

A. New Jersey

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