Tony Robbin’s Life and Wife; His recent to his Ex Wife, All you Need to Know!

Who is Tony Robbins?

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Tony Robbin (Anthony Jay Robbins) is an American writer, author, speaker, coach and philanthropist. He was born on 29 February, 1960 in North Hollywood, California. Robbin writes various motivational and self help books. His hands are made to write something that always inspire people to live happily and combat their depression. Robbin is also a motivational speaker. His famous self help books are; Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. 

Robbins found Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1971; a foundation that helped needy, homeless, hungry, elderly and imprisoned. Back then in 2014, he again did a charity from his earning from his book, Money: Master the Game. Robbins gave this profit and added some personal donation to Feeding America, which helped the needy to get food. Robbins also helped villages get pure and fresh water by working with water company called Spring Health. He have a helping heart.

Robbins was once Criticized for commenting on #Metoo Moment in an conference in California. Robbins commented by saying, “If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else… all you’ve done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good.” He did a mockery by telling a story of a very powerful man who passed on hiring a female candidate even though she was the most qualified because she was too attractive and would be “too big a risk. 

Tony Robbins Wives:


Relationship Status of Robbins is something a mix of wives and girlfriend. His ex wife was Becky Robbins, who have helped Robbin a lot to build such a vast empire. As it is said that, ‘Behind every successful man is a woman, that was the exact case of Becky and Tony. They both were married for over a decade. They had two children, though they were not their biological child. They divorced their marriage in 2001. 

Robbins had four Children in total from his previous marriages and girlfriends.

Tony Robbin’s recent wife is Bonnie-Pearl Humphrey, famous as Sage. Both Robbins and Sage was out from not so happy marriages and met each other. Both of them never thought that after their ex’s they can’t live happily ever after. Robbins and Sage shares a very beautiful bond. They are happily married for 21 years now. Both of them travels together. They welcomed a baby girl in 2022.


Talking about Sage Robbins, she practice acupuncture and phlebotomy. She even worked as a health advisor. She have worked in films and television. One of the tv series is Shallow Hal made in 2001 and done work with her husband in ‘ I am Not Your Guru’. 

Sage’s ex husband Lynch sued Tony Robbin for stealing Sage from him. Sage denied his accusation and said, “He’s doing this is to gain attention at the cost of my fiancé’s reputation and in an attempt to extort money.”

Frequently Asked Question about Tony Robbins:

1.Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and writer. 

2. Is Tony Robbin married or dating someone?

Tony Robbins have married twice. 

3. Who is Tony Robbins ex Wife?

Tony’s ex wife was Becky Robbins. They were married for almost a decade.

4. Who is Tony Robbins married in 2022?

Tony Robbins is married to Sage Robbins. They married in 2001 and are still married. 

5. Do Tony Robbins have any children?

Yes, Tony Robbins have 5 children in total. 

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