Texas Zoo Welcomes 2 Orphaned Cougar Cubs and will be Mascots for the University of Houston

Who are the new members of Texas Zoo?

Two abandoned cougar pups have made Texas Zoo their new home. They were found and recovered by a rancher in Washington. According to the Texas zoo news release, the 8-week-old Shasta VII and Louie are male cubs who were brought to the Houston Zoo and will represent the University of Houston Cougars.

Source- BBC Wildlife Magazine

Where did the rancher find the new members of the Texas Zoo?

The rancher discovered them on his farm when they were four weeks old in the month of October, according to the zoo. The Houston Zoo was called by the Washington State Fish & Wildlife Services, and they were immediately flown to Texas.

According to the Texas zoo, the cubs probably wouldn’t have survived on their own. Hence, their discovery by the rancher was quite important. The statement by the zoo claims that the cubs “will remain in the background while they become familiar with their caregivers.”

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But because they will be a part of the University of Houston’s ambassador programme, the cougars will soon have their moment in the spotlight. After Shasta VI passed away in August, Shasta VII will serve as the school’s live mascot.

“Shasta has established himself as the pair’s leader by guarding his younger sibling and acting like the more composed, self-assured cub. Shasta frequently lays her paw over Louie while he sleeps or naps.

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When the general public will meet the cubs?

The general public will be allowed to meet the cubs once they have gotten used to their new environment. Shasta VI and Haley, two cougars, had to be put to sleep, according to the zoo, because of their deteriorating health from spine and kidney conditions.

Source- CDC

According to the press release of Texas zoo, “The Zoo is devoted to providing the best welfare for the animals in their care from birth to death.”  It further explains ” Haley and Shasta VI will be remembered, even if the new additions are praised to the cougar family.”