Texas Man Mistakenly Attacked and Bitten by K9

What exactly happened outside UTMB Galveston, Texas?

Jeremi Cummins, a recently discharged patient from UTMB Galveston, Texas was heading toward his residence. However, before reaching his home, Cummins was attacked by a K-9 official mistakenly. Even after pleading multiple times, the official didn’t let him go.

According to Jeremi Cummins, he was being detained as he was being tackled by police, bit by a K-9, and exiting the UTMB in Galveston.
In May, a man in Galveston spent days in jail after what appears to have been a case of mistaken identity led authorities to believe he was an escaped prisoner.

Source- UTMB Health

What does Jeremi Cummins’ lawyer have to say?

According to Jeremi Cummins’ attorney Alberto Ruiz, a police K-9 bit off a portion of his ear during the arrest.
Cummins maintains that when he was ambushed by cops, he had just left the hospital.

As per a video recorded on the surveillance camera outside of UTMB in Galveston, Texas, who they initially believed to be an escaped prisoner. Ruiz stated, “He  told them, I’m not an escaped inmate, I know what you’re up to, but I’m not an escaped inmate.” However, police pursue him before releasing the K-9.

The worst thing Cummins could do, according to him, escaping from the situation.

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Everyone is aware that if a prisoner escapes, authorities have the right to shoot him or her on sight. More so if you move quickly,” Cummins remarked. I have mental health issues, but I’m not crazy and I didn’t flee. Cummins was repeatedly bit by the K-9 before being tackled to the ground and restrained by police.

In the video, Cummins was found saying, “I’m not a f****** inmate man.”

A Texas Department of Criminal Justice officer then approaches the scene shortly after. The police added, “I questioned you where you came from and you took off running.

Source- USNews

I don’t even know you, what are you doing stopping me for? Cummins answered. Why on earth are you stopping me, I ask. A UTMB police officer was found apologizing in a subsequent body camera video.

The UTMB officer asks the individual on his radio, “You ready to hear this?” TDCJ notices a man who is wearing scrubs and a blanket. They believe he belongs to them. They pursue him believing he is a prisoner, but he is simply a person who just left the emergency room.

Cummins was then hauled to jail even though he had just left the hospital and was on his way home.

“Despite all the evidence, they arrested him and accused him of avoiding arrest,” according to Ruiz. In the end, the accusations were abandoned. Regarding the event, the UTMB Police Department, Texas declined to comment.

The TDCJ sent the following statement to KHOU 11-

A non-TDCJ patient of UTMB, Texas was seen by TDCJ jail personnel on May 8, 2022, strolling suspiciously in the direction of the prison side of the hospital. The UTMB police were alerted and arrived.

The hospital’s police department is being sued by Cummins and his lawyer for damages and an apology. The lawyer claims that if their demands are not granted, a federal lawsuit will be filed.

Source- Legal Desire

Cummins expressed in the end that the police officials made a mistake and they have to see the consequences for the same.