Texas City Council’s Steps To Repeal Marijuana Decriminalization Measures Leaves Voters Gravely Upset

Two integral councils of Texas city recently decided to hold back on the marijuana decriminalization measures which left the local voters gravely upset. These measures were approved by the voters of Harker Heights and Killen councils.

What were the Texas marijuana propositions all about?

As per the approved propositions, people possessing less than four ounces of marijuana won’t be regarded as criminals. Moreover, it also prevented the cops from arresting or stopping individuals just because of the weed smell coming from them.

People also argued that these measures were not taken to promote marijuana or legalize it. Instead, they just wanted to get rid of insensible arrests.

Source- Houston Chronicle

The citizens of Texas city expressed their concerns about the unlawful arrests happening on the pretext of owning a nano amount of weed for recreational or medicinal purposes.

What is the Texas Council’s take on this?

Considering the Killeen Council, the concerned authorities have decided to put a hold on the ordinances until they have a broad discussion and reach a conclusion.

As for now, the pre-existing marijuana laws will be in place.

What did Bell County Precinct Four elect, Louie Minor say on this?

Minor was quoted that the voter’s decisions should be considered carefully since they cared to put up their concerns on the ballot.

He further added that it is natural for citizens to question why their proposition was approved in the first place if it had to be pushed back.

As per reliable sources, Killeen City council members will have an official discussion regarding this on December 6. The voters will need to wait for a proper marijuana law to come into place.

It is upsetting to witness numerous people getting arrested just because they were caught will very little marijuana. Texas has always been quite strict about the possession and consumption of weed.

So complete marijuana legalization is still expected to remain a dream for a long time. If reports are to be believed, the people who advocated for these ordinances to come into place are trying to take legal action against certain council members for this blunder.

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