Stephen Curry’s 3-pointer Haunts Rockets’ Assistant coach and made him almost faint

Why Stephen Curry’s 3-pointer is remarkable?

The Golden State Warriors left for Houston to play the resurgent Rockets on Sunday night without winning a single game on the road all season. One of the main reasons the defending champions had gotten off to a slow start this season was the Warriors’ 0-8 record away from the Chase Center. After the Rockets thrashed Golden State in the second quarter to seize the lead at halftime, it appeared as though the pattern may continue.

Stephen Curry
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The Warriors’ two backcourt franchise icons saved them from suffering what would have been their worst loss of the year. Klay Thompson, who has received so much criticism thus far this season, exploded for 41 points on 10-of-13 shooting from beyond the arc to lead the attack. In the waning seconds, Stephen Curry had the opportunity to score the game-winning basket for the Warriors. Curry dribbled past Eric Gordon on the outside and nailed an unbelievable fadeaway three-pointer to seal the victory.

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How Golden State Warriors performed against the Rockets?

With their third victory in the previous four games, the Warriors defeated the Rockets 127-120. Although Thompson may have been the night’s top performer, Stephen Curry finished with 33 points and 15 assists in the victory, even if Thompson may have been the night’s standout.

Stephen Curry
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How did the Rockets’ Assistant Coach Lucas react to Stephen Curry’s 3-pointer?

John Lucas, the Rockets’ assistant, reaction to Stephen Curry’s shot is the best scene in the video. Lucas, a 69-year-old who has played and coached in the game his entire life, has dedicated his life to it. Few athletes of his generation have lasted as long or made as much impact on the game. Even Lucas, who has actually witnessed everything that can happen on a basketball floor, was shocked by Steph’s shot.

It’s also simple to speculate as to Gordon’s thoughts during that particular shot. The epic 2018 Western Conference Finals was just one of many epic fights between Gordon and Curry over the years. Inadvertently, he has witnessed many of Stephen Curry’s most memorable events from the front row.

Stephen Curry
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What is Golden State Warrior’s current record?

The Golden State Warriors’ current record is still below.500. The fact that they require classic Stephen Curry’s performances practically every night to have a shot is absolutely troubling. If Thompson can use this game to play well, that would help the team’s questions get a lot of answers. For the time being, we can all just awe at Stephen Curry, like John Lucas did.