Miami-Dade man found guilty- Drinks a cup of Bleach after the Judgments on 22 November

What happened to the man from Miami?

After the jury finds him guilty, a man from Miami-Dade downs a cup of bleach.
After the jury’s guilty judgement was announced on Tuesday, a convicted robber left the Miami-Dade County courtroom and drank a cup of bleach, setting off a new investigation. Jermaine Bell is shown drinking something from a cup, leaning back in his chair, and then collapsing on the spot in a video that Local 10 was able to obtain. In a subsequent clip, Bell is seen being carried away in a hurry.

Source- Newsbreak

According to the report, the 38-year-old has already spent more than three years in custody for a 2018 incident in which he pulled a gun on factory workers while posing as a courier.

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What is the present condition of the convicted person?

He is apparently recovering at a nearby hospital, but his family wants to know how he got access to the bleach. According to Reverend Jerome Starling, a distant relative of Bell, “I see him drinking something that’s not proper,” he told Local 10 in the past. “His lawyers are allowing him to consume it. Corrections, let him consume it. I suddenly notice him falling. I questioned how this could have happened. The incident is being looked into by Miami-Dade police.