Mexico is Investigating: How an American Lady Died After Being Shown Brutally Beaten in a Viral Video

A few days ago, a U.S tourist was seen beaten in a viral video by another woman at a luxury villa somewhere in Mexico. Now that woman was found dead in the town of San Jose del Cabo. After this shocking incident, Mexican prosecutors said that they have started an investigation.

After this huge event, the Mexican authority only states that “they are investigating the death of the woman identified as a U.S tourist. Still, they don’t mention the name of the women.  other state officials who were not authorized confirmed the name “Shanquella Robinson”. 

Shanquella Robinson works as a hair braiding professional and also run an online boutique. She has a huge following of around 69k on Instagram. She had only 5 posts on Instagram. The story of Shanquella Robinson spread on the internet with the hashtag JusticeForShanquella. Also, people are doing protest against this incident.

Shanquella Robinson

Viral video apparently recorded at a luxury villa somewhere in Mexico. The video has reached around one million views on social media. In this video one woman is beating Shanquella Robinson and a man says in an American accent to Robinson “ can you at least fight back”, and Robinson replied in a painful voice after getting some brutal hard shots “no”. But the question arises here: why don’t try to stop any of them? The video is posted on several social media platforms. And the people are also talking about this strange situation. And the other question is that the man is also shooting the video so still it is not clear whether it is preplanned or just an incident.

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson said to the news agency that the investigators are trying to solve this case from the angle of murder and she was happy that at least Mexican authorities take this case as a priority. Salamondra also mentioned that she was listening to different stories from every friend.

A friend said that she was suffering from alcohol poisoning and not feeling well but the other hand autopsy report found injuries on the spinal cord and neck and there is no connection with alcohol. So all these stories also make an ambiguous situation for Mexican authorities. Still, Mexican authorities did not confirm the cause of death. A North Carolina-based news agency report the reason for the death is a spinal cord injury.

Her mother also states that the guy who shot the video supposedly was her best friend, also she had not seen that guy after the autopsy report.

In a sad tone Salamondra mentioned that Shanquella is a very serious girl and there is no chance that she would fight back, she is a girl with a golden heart, and she also behaved very politely to everyone.