Lina Hidalgo, the Judge of Harris County receives a rebuke from Mattress Mack for her victory speech on November 9

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, proprietor of Gallery Furniture and a local legend of Houston, doesn’t seem to enjoy the term “furniture salesman” being used on him.  McIngvale alluded to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo as a “sanctimonious bully” in a full-page attack ad that appeared in the Houston Chronicle over the weekend after she implicitly referred to him as a “furniture salesman” in reaction to his support of Lina Hidalgo’s Republican opponent Alex Mealer.

What did Lina Hidalgo say in her speech?

Lina Hidalgo
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What did Lina Hidalgo say in her speech? Sure, she had almost $10 million in the bank, a senator from the United States, a furniture merchant, dishonest people eager to fabricate lies, and an odd editorial board endorsement from the establishment, according to Hidalgo. “But instead of lying or making up votes, we earned each one. Over the last four years, we’ve worked hard and achieved outcomes to earn them.”

What comments did Mattress Mack make on Lina Hidalgo’s speech?

McIngvale described himself as a ‘local icon’ in the newspaper’s response ad that ran on Sunday and condemned Lina Hidalgo’s subtle digs: “It seems your fans applauded your bitter ‘winning’ speech as they laughed at your gloating. In all honesty, it divided rather than brought people together and was unworthy of a leader. yet not unexpected.”
The Houston businessman further expressed that, in contrast to Lina Hidalgo’s “policy blunders and virtue signalling” while in government, he “lifts up others from all walks of life.”

Lina Hidalgo
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According to McIngvale’s letter, the present Democrat majority in the county will make these problems much worse because of  Hidalgo’s unrestrained drive for the spotlight and predilection for social justice and equity to take top priority.” Harris County citizens will unnecessarily suffer more as you promote your misguided socialist agenda that caters to the ultra-minority while ignoring our interests as a group.

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How did Lina Hidalgo react to Mattress’ comments?

Lina Hidalgo was advised by McIngvale to publicly apologise for her remarks and agree to a face-to-face meeting to “address your temper.”

According to McIngvale’s comments on Lina Hidalgo, “You come across as a jealous, pompous, sanctimonious bully walking on others’ backs to reach the next brass ring.” “Yet to give credit, it looks like you are amazing at burning bridges while bamboozling and browbeating the ignorant and vulnerable as you win favour with social justice warriors and local media,” he added.

Lina Hidalgo
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McIngvale, a huge sports bettor, believed that by supporting Hidalgo’s erstwhile political rival, he “made the right bet.” As demonstrated by her military service for America, “Mealer represents the upstanding character, leadership, accountability, and sacrifice,” McIngvale wrote. “Qualities that seem to be undervalued by your supporters.”

An official inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Lina Hidalgo’s office.