Jonnie Irwin, A TV Property Presenter, Says He Has Six Months To Live

TV host Jonnie Irwin recently announced that he had terminal cancer and expressed his hope that by sharing his news, it will motivate people to “make the most of every day.”

The 48-year-old, who hosts A Place in the Sun on Channel 4 and Escape to the Country on the BBC, disclosed that he has lung cancer that has spread to his brain and that he is unsure of how long he has left to live.

Irwin claimed that his vision blurred while driving at the A Place in the Sun movie shoot in Italy in August 2020, which was the first indication of his illness. After returning from filming a week earlier, he was given six months to live.

Jonnie Irwin Feel More Responsible

“He had to return home and tell his wife, who was essentially caring for their children by herself, that she was pretty much on her own. That was terrible. He was only able to apologise to her. He felt so in charge.

Irwin, whose wife Jessica and children Rex, 3, and Rafa and Cormac, 2, had been gone from the programme recently and whose appearance changed when he returned this summer, has been the subject of recent rumours.

He declared: “It feels like he is carrying a nasty secret now, and it has turned into a monkey on my back.”

“He hopes that by getting rid of that monkey, he will encourage individuals who are facing life-limiting circumstances to seize every opportunity,”

Every Days Count Now

He knows that eventually this would catch up with him, but he’s doing everything in his power to delay that day as long as he can.

He owes that to the lads and Jess. While some people in his situation have bucket lists, he simply wants our family to accomplish as much as possible, he said.

Irwin claimed he kept working as much as he could while adopting the mentality “that he is living with cancer, not dying from it.”

Because “his youngsters are going to grow up not knowing their dad and that crushes my heart,” he added, he wanted to create memories for his family.

Irwin is also advising people to get life insurance because, in his words, knowing that his wife and kids would be living in a totally paid-off home and having some money in the bank for them after he passes away gives him peace.


1. Who is Jonnie Irwin?

A. He is a Professional English TV presenter, property expert, writer and lecturer.

2. He is Diagnosed from which disease?

A. Terminal cancer

3. What is his age?

A. 48

4. What is his height?

A. 1.83m

5. What is his Nationality?

A. United States

6. How much is his net worth?

A. $ 5 Million

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