Illinois, Accused last seen in the State get issued a country-wide arrest warrant

What happened to Illinois suspects?

Two suspects who have been missing since they were last seen in Lisle, Illinois, have nationwide arrest orders issued for them.

Source- WGLC

Gytis Cesnaitis and Kamile Andriuskeviciute are sought after by the Livingston County Sheriff’s office for three separate theft occurrences using GPS units in the county, totaling over $100,000, as per a press release by  the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.

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Where the suspects were located last?

The last time anyone saw Cesnaitis and Adriuskeviciute was in Lisle, Illinois, driving a white 2012 Dodge Avenger with the plate number DK73606 from that state.

Anybody with knowledge of the whereabouts of the two suspects should get in touch with their neighborhoods police right away.