Harris County elections investigation likely to undergo criminal charges

As the republican senator anticipates criminal charges on Harris County elections inquiry, the concern raises whether Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg will discover any criminal activity or not as now she has launched an investigation into the Nov. 8 election in the state’s largest county.

Paul Bettencourt, the Republican state senator from Houston believes she will. Bettencourt shares through Inside Texas Politics “Harris County has got 23 polls that seemed to have run out of paper or weren’t given enough to start with and they weren’t followed up with to get more ballots to those polls on a timely basis”

Harris County
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What the Governor has to say?

Greg Abbott, the Governor first called for an investigation into what he called “widespread problems” with Harris County’s elections. Abbott condemned irritation and uncertainty and said that delays were brought on by a lack of paper ballots, staffing issues, and other issues.

Harris County
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The governor stated in a statement that “the claims of election irregularities in our state’s largest county may come from anything ranging from malfeasance to flagrant criminal action.”

The Texas Elections Code, according to the Harris County Republican Party, was broken by the county and Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum.

The allegations made on Harris County elections?

The illegal handling of damaged ballots is one of the allegations. However, the claim gaining the most attention is the one regarding the 23 voting places’ paper shortages.

Harris County
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According to Bettencourt, as a result, some voters were unable to cast a ballot. 150 people had to be removed from the line by one precinct judge. Consider that. The Republican informed us, “You have a line 150 deep, you’re out of paper, and you have to reject them.

However, Harris County voters, like those in many other Texas counties, had the option of casting a ballot anywhere in the county. Additionally, they had a choice of 782 polling places on election day.

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What does Harris County District Attorney, Kim Ogg define?

The investigation was started, according to Ogg, a Democrat, when she received the referral from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office. She has also requested help from the Texas Rangers. This is the same probe that the Governor requested.

The Harris County Elections Administration’s communications director informed that due to the ongoing investigation, they were unable to comment.
“While we also inquired about Bettencourt’s support for Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency in 2024, this investigation remained the main topic.”

He further added “I want to make sure that everyone knows that this endeavor is not about being an election skeptic, so right now, this is where my attention is focused, and what this means is that we must act right away. We must conduct an investigation. Therefore, until we find the cause of this catastrophe in Harris County, I won’t engage in any additional political activities.