Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor Sends Tanks to 10 spots of Texas-Mexico Border to Address Illegal Invasion

Why tanks are being deployed by Greg Abbott at the Texas-Mexico border?

Republican Governor Greg Abbott‘s administration has instructed the state’s military to send military vehicles resembling tanks to 10 locations along the international border, the Washington Examiner has learned. This comes shortly after the administration declared an “invasion” at the Texas-Mexico border.

Greg Abbott
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The Texas Military Department informed the Washington Examiner on Monday that the Texas National Guard will send 10 M113 Armored Personnel Tanks to the southern border of Texas-Mexico in the upcoming days.

The state is about to increase aircraft flights over specific areas, though the department did not say how many flights or helicopters may be sent down in its internal notification on November 17.
To prevent illicit activities from crossing the Texas-Mexico border, Texas Military Department service personnel collaborate with other law enforcement agencies and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

What Greg Abbott has to say?

On November 21 2022, Greg Abbott shares a Tweet stating “We are grateful that you keep our state safe.” The increasing invasion has been a subject of concern that required to be addressed as soon as possible. Through this step, Abbott reconsiders the measurement taken against the illegal entry of the public through the border.

Greg Abbott
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The Military Department issued a statement saying, “These actions are a part of a larger effort to employ every weapon at our disposal to fight back against the record-breaking level of illegal immigration.” The Texas National Guard is taking extraordinary steps to protect our border and to fend off and turn back unlawful border crossers.

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What is the main purpose of the Tanks deployed by Greg Abbott in the border?

The main purpose of the tank-like vehicles or carriers is to safely move troops through hazardous terrain or into locations where vehicles cannot pass. These bulletproof armoured vehicles, which were first employed during the Vietnam War, can withstand small outside explosions.
According to a report by the Texas Tribune and Army Times, some 50 soldiers will be trained to drive the armoured personnel carriers before being dispatched to the south. State officials withheld the location of each of the 10 vehicles’ border bases.

Greg Abbott
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The first occasion in modern history that a state concluded the federal government had failed to protect citizens and empowered the state to defend itself was exactly one week ago when Abbott proclaimed an “invasion” at the state’s border with Mexico.
Abbott said in a statement on Tuesday that he had invoked the Invasion Clauses of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions to fully allow Texas to take unprecedented actions to defend our state against an invasion.” “I’m keeping our state and country safe by using that constitutional authority, additional authorization, and Executive Orders.

One week after being elected to a third four-year term as governor, Greg Abbott made his announcement.

Abbott has not provided any other details regarding the state’s plans after proclaiming an invasion, aside from the recent revelations of the tank-like vehicles and aircraft flights. He listed the state’s initiatives in bullet points, including the deployment of Texas National Guard and Texas state troopers to the border, the return of some illegal immigrants to ports of entry for deportation to Mexico, and the construction of a border wall, though only a few miles have been added during that time.
Texas has previously sent National Guardsmen and Humvees to the border.

Greg Abbott
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“Invoking the invasion clauses of the U.S. and Texas constitutions, I gave Texas broad permission to take extraordinary measures to protect itself from attack,” Greg Abbott states.

Another Tweet from Abbott depicts, “To keep our state and country safe, I’m using that constitutional authority, other authorization, and executive orders.” He makes it clear here that all the steps taken against the unlawful invasion are legal.