George Miller; His Life and Wife, Net Worth 2022! All you Need to Know.

Who is George Miller?

The most famous name in American Filmmaking; George Miller was born to shine in the filmmaking industry. Miller was born on 3 March 1945 in Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia.

Miller is best known for his Mad max franchise. He gained a lot of fame and earned many awards. The mad Max franchise’s second installment Mad Max 2 and the fourth installment, Fury Road are considered two of the greatest action films. Fury Road, every action film lover favorite has won six academy awards so far. Miller works for different genres, he is diversified when it comes to writing a film. He writes and directs action films, and biographical and family-friendly films as well. He is not particular to just one genre. 

Miller has directed many award-winning films, such as Happy Feet(an animated film) that won Academy Award. His other work such as The Witches of Eastwick (a dark fantasy), and Babe (a family-friendly film).

Miller has won many awards. In 2006, he won an academy award for Best Animated feature; Happy Feet. Academy Award for best picture and best director for Fury Road in 2015. Further, he has been nominated many times for best screenplay, best picture, and best original Screenplay. He is a versatile human full of such great skills. 

Miller’s Net Worth 2022:

Miller is one of the famous filmmakers and has achieved so many awards in life, his Net worth in 2022 is $18-20 million. 

Miller’s Wife; His ladylove and lucky charm:

Miller is a married man. He is married to Margaret Sixel. Sixel is originally from South Africa and have learnt film editing in her college. Miller and Sixel met in the era of late 80s and got married in 1995. Back then they had 2 children. 

Miller and Sixel share a very beautiful bond and their bonding increases eventually. Sixel knowledge about film editing was a golden opportunity for Miller to use for his films. Miller loves to work with wife Sixel as they both make a perfect pair for filmmaking. 

Miller was very busy for his production Mad Max: Fury Road. He wanted to hire an editor for the same. Sixel clicked in his mind and he asked her to work as an editor for his film. Sixel had a second thought for this. Since they had two young teenage sons and for the shoot and stuff it would take Sixel so much of time to stay away from them. Eventually when Sixel watched the initial footage of the film, she was impressed and agreed to work on the editing.

Sixel told one of a report that it took her 2 years to complete the editing of the whole film. She enjoyed working with Miller. This was her first action film that she took charge to edit. She did her work soo affectionately that  Mad Max: Fury Road won six academy awards and was nominated 10 times for the same.

The most spectacular achievement for Sixel was winning the Oscar Award for editing such a fantastic action film. This made Miller very proud. In the later years, Miller and Sixel worked on many projects such as Babe: Pig in the city and Happy Feet. 

Both wife and husband worked together so beautifully that it helped increase their bond. 

Some Frequently Asked Question about Miller:

1.What is the full name of Miller?

Miller’s full name is George Miller AO.

2.What is the Net Worth of Miller?

Miller’s Net Worth is $18-20 Million.

3. What is the height of Miller?

Miller’s height is 1.70 m.

4. What is the age of Miller?

Miller is 77 years old.

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