How did Gal Costa die? Tap to Know the Cause of the Brazilian Singer Gal Costa Death at 77!

Who was Gal Costa?

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Gal Costa was born Maria da Graca Costa Penna Burgos on 26 September 1945 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Gal was a famous singer in the Brazilian Music Industry and was a singer of popular music. She was a prominent figure in the tropicalia music scene in Brazil in the late 1960s. 

Gal Costa built her musical interest in her teenage. She listened to the radio and took music as his career. Gal started her professional career on 22 August 1964 night at the concert  Nós, por exemplo (We, For Example) which was held for the inauguration of the Vila Velha Theatre in her hometown. There she performed along with Veloso, Gil, Maria Bethânia, and Tom Zé. With the group, Gal also performed in Nova Bossa Velha, Velha Bossa Nova (New old wave, Old new wave).

Gal then shifted to Rio de Janeiro to live with her cousin Nivea, following in the footsteps of Bethania, whose concert Opinion became a huge hit. 

Later in the year 1968, Gal joined the tropicalia (a genre mix of Samba, Bossa Nova, and modern genres like rock and beat) movement and sang many songs under this genre. She recorded four songs in total; “Mamãe coragem”, written by Veloso and Torquato Neto, “Parque industrial”, by Tom Zé, “Enquanto see Lobo não vem”, by Veloso, and “Baby”, also by Veloso. “Baby” became one of Gal’s best-known songs. 

Gal won the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. 

What could be the possible cause of Gal’s Death?

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Gal Costa died on 9 November 2022 at the age of 77. The news was confirmed by a press representative. There is no mention of the cause of her death. The press representative declared the news of Gal’s death and further no information was provided. 

Though to be noted, Gal Costa was going under treatment for her Nasal Cavity for which, Gal had canceled her event at the Primavera Sound festival in Sao Paulo. Gal has enjoyed a six-decade-long career in the Brazilian Music Industry. Gal had to undergo treatment in September for the removal of a nodule from her right nasal cavity. She was ready to return on stage in December. She just canceled her event on the advice of her doctor. Not necessarily this could be the cause of her death but anyway we can predict it.

Gal costa was a homosexual. Gala is the creation of God, an artist to be admired forever for her tremendous songs and personality.

Condolence by Family and Loved Ones:


Gal was a successful singer and artist with an estimated Net Worth of $1.5 million. She was loved by her family and close ones. Her death shook everyone and it is a moment of sorrow for each admirer of Gal.

“I’m very sad and shaken by the death of my ‘sister’ @GalCosta”, wrote Gal Costa’s sister. 

Luiz Inácio da Silva shared a picture with Gal, hugging her, and wrote, “Gal Costa was among the world’s best singers, among our principal artists to carry the name and sounds of Brazil to the whole planet, her talent, technique, and courage enriched and renewed our culture, cradled and marked the lives of millions of Brazilians.”

“RIP Gal Costa, the divine and wonderful, one of the forces who made Tropicalia among the greatest movements in sound ever summoned- a brilliant singer possessed with a voice that could simultaneously soar and stop time, “a tweet by Otto Von Biz Markie.

Jeff tweeted for Gal, “RIP Gal Costa(1945-2022), a marvelous creative spirit with a miraculous voice,”

A singer known for uplifting the Tropicalia Movement of Music will be remembered forever. May her soul Rest in Peace!

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