Florida Suspect Accused of Murder in 2016 Pleaded Bail on the Grounds of Insanity

With the accusations of murdering a couple in their garage and biting the face of the man, Austin Kelly Harrouff was arrested in 2016. In the court session on Monday, he was found not guilty on the basis of insanity.

How did the Florida suspect kill his victims?

Austin Kelly Harrouff was put behind bars in 2016 with the accusation of the first-degree homicide of a couple with a weapon in Martin County, Florida. As per the description of True Crime Daily, Harrouff who was 19 years old at that time stabbed and killed a couple named John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon. Jeffrey Fisher, a neighbor of the family tried to stop the heinous crime but couldn’t and got injured instead.


Martin County Sheriff’s Office stated that Harrouff was found biting the face of his male victim, Stevens when the police arrived at the crime scene. He apparently stabbed and killed his two victims. A later investigation revealed that the suspect was out with his parents to have dinner. But when the food took longer time to get served at the restaurant, Austin became disheartened and left the place alone.

A while after leaving, the police received a call regarding the dual murder in the 19000 block of SE Kokomo Lane. The police took Harrouff to the hospital first and after more than 45 days under medical surveillance, he was transported to jail on October 3rd, 2016.

Harrouff was Found Not Guilty

After six years of the homicide committed by Austin Kelly Harrouff pleaded faultless on the basis of mental instability on 28th November 2022 in Florida. There were several grounds to prove Harrouff’s insanity. When he was taken to the hospital after the murder, the flesh of John Stevens was found stuck in his teeth. No mentally stable man could bite a dying man in that way.

Cindy Mishcon, Michelle Mishcon’s sister reacted to Harrouff’s release and stated that he is a murderer not a victim hence should have been treated in that way.

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