Donald Trump Tax Returns to Get Quest by Congress After Supreme Court Backs the Request

The Supreme Court rejected Former President Donald Trump’s plea to prevent the IRS from turning up the documents after a protracted legal dispute.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the former president’s request to stop the publication of his tax returns, according to the New York Times.

Big ‘NO’ for Donald Trump

Another humiliating defeat for Donald Trump came in the form of the court’s brief decision, which was unsigned and devoid of any dissents after he nominated three justices.

The move suggests that the Treasury Department would probably provide the House, which has been asking them since 2019, six years’ worth of his tax returns very shortly.

As chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and the Massachusetts Democrat who made the request for the records, Representative Richard E. Neal said in a statement that his committee will “now undertake the oversight that we’ve sought for the previous three and a half years.”

However, Neal did not say if the committee would make the findings public. A Ways and Means Committee staff member stated that no decision would be made until legislators had a chance to review the papers, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a delicate subject.

Trump declared last week that he will run for president, but his attorneys did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Trump Takes Unfair Advantage

The Supreme Court rejected Former President Donald Trump’s plea to prevent the IRS from turning up the documents after a protracted legal dispute.

Donald Trump has extended various monitoring and investigative efforts by taking advantage of the litigation’s slow progress.  For more than four years, he has resisted giving the House access to his tax returns due to legal disputes, but that strategy appears to have failed.

When Republicans take control of the House in January, the request for Trump’s tax returns would have almost certainly been dropped. In order to give them more time to file an appeal with the Supreme Court, his counsel had asked the Court to extend a lower court’s stay that had barred the Treasury Department from publishing the information.

Douglas N. Letter, the lead attorney for the House, had requested the Supreme Court to refrain from becoming involved due to the incoming new Congress. This month, he stated in a brief that any further delays “would leave the committee and Congress as a whole little or no time to undertake their legislative job,” as per Politico.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in a different congressional effort to obtain Trump’s financial documents – the House Oversight Committee’s ongoing effort to subpoena them from Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA — served as a foundation for some of Trump’s efforts to block the demand.

The Supreme Court determined that while Congress has extensive and thorough investigation powers, such powers are subject to specific restrictions, particularly when used against a president who is already in office.