Bella Poarch, A Celebrity On TikTok, Has Filed For Divorce From Her Marriage Of Over Four Years

With over 90 million followers on the app, Bella Poarch, 25, is one of TikTok’s biggest stars. She is well recognised for her popular videos, including her lip-sync to the song “M to the B,” which dominated the platform in 2020. Her birthday is February 8th, 1997.

Due to a Facebook account and an Instagram post commemorating her 18th birthday in 2019, which would have made her 20 years old, there have been concerns regarding her age. Some have questioned her actual birthdate, though, as she would have been 14 if she had joined the US Navy in 2015. To join, you must be 17 years old.

She Is Cousin Of Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock, a YouTuber, and Bella Poarch are actually cousins. Bretman and Bella, who are both from the Philippines, worked together on a YouTube video in June where they demonstrated how to tie-dye garments. Bretman described how he and Bella first met in the video: “At a young age, we first met. You see, we’re actually cousins. We first met in her hometown of Pangasinan, where she is from. She is also Ilocano.”

According to TMZ, Bella, actual name Denarie, filed for divorce from Tyler Poarch in Los Angeles County on November 6.

They were married for just under four years as of January 2019, according to legal documents that TMZ purportedly obtained. Bella and Tyler were married in January 2019. The celebrity said that “irreconcilable conflicts” were to blame for.

Since being famous on TikTok, Bella doesn’t seem to have been in any relationships in the media. She has been the target of several different dating rumours, and in a 2021 TikTok video, she claimed to be unmarried.

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What Fans Have To Say

Fans were shocked to hear that the celebrity had filed for divorce because she had kept her dating life relatively quiet online.

I had NO IDEA she was married, so damn she really kept it a secret, a Twitter user remarked.

“What, I’m sorry? What came out of nowhere about this? another said.

Despite the fact that Bella hasn’t publicly discussed her nuptials and it’s unclear when she will, the rumours have undoubtedly shocked many followers.

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