Acres Homes: 3 shot, 1 died in apparent drive-by ambush

The circumstances behind a fatal shooting in Acre Homes of North Houston that left one man dead and two others hurt are being pieced together by authorities.

Police say the deceased man was 18 years old, but the identities of the males who were shot have not been made public. Men 19 and 21 are the injured.

Acres Home
Source- Telegraph

According to early reports, three males in a truck pulled inside and parked at a close-by apartment building. Three more men soon started shooting as they approached the truck, one coming from the driver’s side.

Authorities Claim That The Acres Homes Shooters and Victims Were Related

There were several gunshots heard inside the truck that was parked close to Acres Homes. Before two of the occupants stepped out and rushed across the street for assistance, they attempted to flee the situation but slammed into other parked cars.

Acres Homes
Source- ABC News

The other two were taken directly to the hospital, but the third passenger passed away from his injuries.
Before the officers arrived, the shooters took off. Authorities think the victims and shooters were acquainted, although the matter is still under investigation.

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