A new study reveals that consuming meat poses little to no health hazards

According to new scientific research, consuming red meat has little to no health concerns. Previous research that suggested there was a relationship between red meat intake and health problems, according to the study, were based on “poor evidence.”

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The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington published research titled “Health impacts associated with intake of unprocessed red meat: a Burden of Proof study.” In October, the article was published in the journal Nature.

The authors stated, “We identified only a weak link between eating unprocessed red meat and colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic heart disease. Furthermore, we found no indication of a link between unprocessed red meat and ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.”

“While there is some evidence that consuming unprocessed red meat is related with an elevated risk of disease incidence and death,” the study’s authors write, “it is weak and insufficient to offer stronger or more definitive recommendations.”