Wondering Who is Austin Butler’s New Girlfriend and His Net Worth?

Austin Butler is a famous and popular American actor. The actor’s full name is ‘Austin Robert Butler’. He started his acting career in television shows and dramas. Butler becomes famous and popular for his movie ‘Elvis’, in which he played the role of Elvis Presley. He got so much fame and popularity by delivering that movie in 2022. This movie is currently released this year in 2022 and hit a jackpot. Many of his fans and the public loved the film.


The actor was born on 17 august, 1991 in California, United States. He was raised in the United States only and produces films/shows for the American film industry. Currently, the age of the actor is 31 years. But it’s obvious that this is not the end of the gossip and rumours about his life. There’s a lot of spice about his personal and work life. And in this article, we will talk about all the latest news regarding his net worth, dating history and new girlfriend. For more information, sit back and stay tuned with us to know him a little better.

Is Austin Butler Dating Kaia Gerber? Let’s Find Out!

For their fans, there is good news. The answer is yes, Austin Butler is currently dating Kaia Gerber. The couple was spotted together at the met gala 2022, where they posed for stunning pictures together. And made their relationship public on the red carpet. Things are clear because they attended the met gala as a couple, and even kissed on the red carpet.

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Before Met Gala, the couple was last spotted together in December 2021. Currently, in 2022, Austin and Kaia are only dating for the last three months and already made it official or public. They both look stunning together, as we can see their red-carpet look, isn’t it ravishing? They also attended the W Magazine’s party together and spotted hand-in-hand.

Dating History of Austin and Kaia

Before Kaia, Austin Butler dated Vanessa Hudgens for over 8 years. After dating for a very long time, both decided to split up on their own paths. They started dating in 2010 and had a breakup in 2020. The valid reason for their breakup is not disclosed on the internet. They dated for many years and we are assuming because of some complications, they decided to end.

Kaia butler also dated a celeb before Austin. The name of her ex-boyfriend is Jacob Elordi. Kaia and Austin’s romance began after she ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jacob. Their relationship didn’t work out because of some personal issue. That is not disclosed by the ex-couple. And they chose to end it peacefully.

Austin Butler Net Worth

Austin Butler is a multitalented and successful star in the film industry. He consists of many professions other than acting. The actor is well-talented and a multitasker. He is also a model and a singer, as he is very much interested in music. This American actor has created a great worth for himself. Austin Butler net worth is $4 million, which he achieved on his own.

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Kaia Gerber Net Worth

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Kaia Berger is a very successful and popular actor. Her mother is also a supermodel, and this inspires her to be a model. But with modelling and acting, she is also involved in fashion design. Kaia’s fashion sense is unique and creative. That’s why she opted for the fashion design profession too. Kaia Gerber net worth is $3 million, this is her updated net worth for 2022. She achieved a lot of success at a very early age in comparison to other celebs. She is 21 years old, and that’s a great achievement. By following her passion and interests she succeed in all careers and made a great worth for herself.